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Risheng Precision Acquisition of German ZF Body Control System Department

Industry News
2017/09/15 17:18
ZF's main manufacturing automatic transmission, in May this year with the French auto parts company Faurecia to establish a joint venture, research and development of automatic driving car interior and safety technology, so ZF do not need to continue to operate its body control system sector. At present, ZF and Luther have refused to respond.
Stefan Sommer, CEO of Fortune CEO, said in December last year that ZF had intended to sell the body control system and wit it to respond to the company's $ 1 billion (about $ 6.599 billion). According to people familiar with the matter, the sector eventually sold for less than $ 1 billion.
The ZF body control system department manufactures electronic components for dashboards, including switches, heating and air conditioning controllers and displays, integrated electronics central panels and module boxing controllers.
Lixun Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Dongguan, the main production of computer, communications and consumer electronics products, cable and cable connector for the automotive and medical community.
ZF is an unlisted car supplier based in Friedrichshafen, located in a small town on the banks of Lake Burden in southern Baden-Württemberg, Germany. ZF deliberately reduced reliance on fuel engines and tried to get rid of non-core assets to help build professional skills in autopilot and electric vehicle parts.
Earlier this month, ZF said that in 2015 to 13.5 billion US dollars (about 98.988 billion yuan) acquisition of the United States TRW Group, the company intends to carry out a larger acquisition.
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