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Three-dimensional stamping die software: reduce the mold manufacturing cycle

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2017/10/12 15:46
Different from the design of the plastic mold can be standardized, due to stamping die design of non-standardized and numerous processes, resulting in the current domestic still use the traditional two-dimensional design to complete the complex complex stamping die design, which led to a long design time, The error rate is high, the design and the processing can not smooth the quick connection and so on a series of questions. With the increasingly fierce competition in the mold industry, requiring mold manufacturing period is shorter and shorter, this situation is bound to be broken.
The emergence of three-dimensional stamping die design software, is to comply with the current urgent needs, effectively make up for the traditional two-dimensional design deficiencies. Vero, which was dedicated to the development of this project many years ago, brings together the idea of ​​stamping die technology experts from several countries and has provided the industry with a professional solution for professional 3D stamping dies.
Intuitive tape simulation display
The design of the two-dimensional flat stamping die limits the designer's imagination of the actual product and mold components, and it is difficult to have a true and imaginary concept of the product strip, which is prone to error, such as punch and avoidance design. And a set of molds in the event of an error, the loss will be impossible to estimate.
The advantages of 3D stamping die software in this area is obvious. 3D's physical product model allows users to more easily understand the characteristics of the product, so as to better develop the various processes. And a strong bending analysis, then let the design process designers no longer need imagination, but only in the 3D entity arbitrarily set the desired shape of the process can be. And in the past it seems the most cumbersome operation - with the design part of the part no need to worry about, and no longer need to copy the cut, as long as the establishment of the knife and set the steps to set the station to be placed on the station number You can easily get the actual material required, and can watch the entire ribbon simulation.
"In actual use, it is a priceless treasure for us!" Has been imported into Vero's 3D die software Visi-Progress for many years Witney, its project design manager Phil Ross explained, "Now the continuous model is more The more complex and sophisticated - to give an example, we recently received a difficult case, the need to develop a nine station mold, and to ensure that we can in the development of ribbon before the tape can be arranged in the process of precision And in order to avoid repeated tests, it is necessary to add the tape to the complex shape of the product.
"VISI-Progress allows us to precisely punch out like a precision circle," says VISI-Progress, which can be used to produce a high-quality finished product by punching in a separate mold. Arc, complex puncturing and sideways with sloping features, and if it is not software that is good at this, it is impossible to manufacture it in a continuous mold like this shape feature.
As Phil Ross said, Vero developed Visi-Progress software in order to provide a more accurate design, to provide users with a powerful tool to expand the tool, through a series of algorithms, only in the bending analysis on the provision of A variety of ways to expand, to choose from. The user can choose whether to change the radius or invariant depending on the characteristics of the material fit. These options will help the designer get a more precise size. In order to be more in line with the design of the tape, the parametric tooling model can easily change the order in which the articles are progressively unfolded in order to obtain the optimum arrangement in the shortest possible time.
Shorten the design and processing cycle
If the visibility of the three-dimensional stamping die software is to avoid the design process often appear to be an effective method of human error; then, its rapid modeling methods and improve the sound database and other characteristics, and then the corresponding similar CAM software Perfect combination, it is the ultimate goal of greatly reducing the design and processing time cycle of the key. And Vero's CAD / CAM software Visi-Series is fully taken into account, in advance to provide users with the perfect combination of Visi-Progress combined with other related CAM module. Truly realize the design and processing integration.
Vero provides the user with an ideal design process for punching, that is, the ability to directly receive and convert Parasolid, IGES, Catia, STEP, Pro, and so on. How can we shorten the design and processing time cycle and improve overall efficiency? -E, UG, Solid Edge, Solid Works, ACIS, DWG and DXF and other formats, and through a powerful fill the surface to automatically repair the process of cutting the gap and small gaps, thus saving The time to reestablish the model. The three-dimensional stamping die software design process, the solid mold components and three-dimensional view of the automatic establishment, it saves a lot of two-dimensional design in the drawing diagram and parts of the three views of the time. And then the perfect connection with the processing, and three-dimensional stamping die software as a result of the establishment of 3D entities, the standard parts and related parts in the template formed by the hole with the corresponding processing attributes, just with the relevant Automatic processing feature recognition function, you can automatically detect the 3D template in the various types of holes, and automatically generate the corresponding drilling process, in order to achieve the template of intelligent processing. So that you can completely abandon the original according to the 2D map to process the programming of the processing mode. Because of this type of processing for the hole of the stamping die, it is a waste of time and error-prone, more harm than good. If coupled with the same type of wire and 3D CAM processing modules, you can achieve the ultimate integration of the design and processing mode.
"The continuous stamping die is often very challenging for design, and we estimate that using the relevant modules in Visi-Progress and Visi-Series can reduce design and processing time at least," said Phil Ross. 30%. "
The prospect of 3D stamping die software
Although the three-dimensional stamping die software in the country has not yet been popular, but it is heralded its infinite potential. As competition intensifies, competitors are looking for ways to surprise. And reduce the error rate, shorten the entire manufacturing period is the most powerful magic weapon. With the continuous improvement of software technology, I believe that with three-dimensional stamping die software to do the design, and will use three-dimensional software for the same mold design, will be an irresistible inevitable trend. And we have to do is to make full preparations, seize the opportunity, the first step.
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