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Mold measurement is easier to detect

Industry News
2017/10/12 15:48
Mold measurement has always been a time-consuming effort, the technical staff need to continue to move the mold to achieve detection, so, such as the birth of CMM measuring machine, let us bid farewell to this era.
Coordinate Measuring Machining (CMM) is a new and efficient precision measuring instrument developed in the 1960s. It is mainly used to detect the length and width of the workpiece, and in the X, Y, Z Measure the geometric dimensions of the three-dimensional object in the direction of the coordinates (Figure 1). The traditional CMM coordinate measuring machine is a fixed measuring device, which is heavy and needs to be placed on the measuring machine to measure the workpiece. However, in modern industrial production conditions, especially in the mold manufacturing industry, it is very difficult to try to move a large number of heavy molds into a constant temperature quality control room of a fixed CMM coordinate measuring machine. So, the researchers developed a portable CMM measuring machine. The product is equipped with a telescopic rocker with joint, strong structure, can be moved, flexible, and can be quickly installed online, but also easy to carry and reliable and so on, can accurately and accurately measure the geometry of the object, including geometric size , Shape and position tolerance and other measurement functions, measurement accuracy up to 5μm.
In the actual production, the user only need to use the tripod or directly to the measurement device installed on the machine to the processing of the machine (with vacuum, magnetic base and other optional parts), and then contact the probe to guide the surface of the object Scan the measurement, then the computer screen will begin to display the three-dimensional measurement process, and all the measurement data recorded at the same time to create a comprehensive report. Essentially, the device can create a three-dimensional "blueprint" for a component, or the "blueprint" of the machined part needed to make the part. Therefore, the modern CMM not only in the computer control to complete a variety of complex measurements, but also through the exchange of information with CNC machine tools to achieve control of the processing process, and can also be based on measurement data to achieve reverse engineering.
The main function
The CMM measurement equipment includes Gage (Portable CMM), 3D Portable Measuring Arm, Laser Scanner, Laser Tracker and CAM2 software series.
1. Digitized the board model
In the sheet metal processing workshop, the technician usually has to program the cutting pattern, and then use these procedures for the new laser cutting machine, water jet cutting machine and automatic punching machine operation. The entire conversion process includes the scan of the model contour, the .dxf format to the post processor to transfer the digitized data files, through the post-processor automatically convert the information into NC cutting procedures (Figure 2). Generally the whole programming work takes a whole day, if you use the method such as portable CMM coordinate measuring machine, just a few minutes to complete. In addition, the portable CMM coordinate measuring machine can also accurately measure a wear and destruction of parts, and then create a three-dimensional model, and enter it into the CNC file.
2. Update the old CAD drawings
After the sheet metal cutting program is created, you also need to use the digitized data and AutoCAD software to create an updated part drawing. But the enterprise in order to improve production capacity and production level, often these models to modify and adjust, and this information is not recorded in the software file. If you use CMM coordinate measuring instrument, you can easily achieve the use of digital data update drawings, you can guarantee the consistency of drawings and the actual model.
Likewise, this method also applies to the drawings of the tool and fixture. Because before the workpiece into production, the drawings of these tools will be modified several times has reached the best condition. Therefore, through the CMM coordinate measuring machine to measure the production of data set, and the data back to the CAD system to update the drawings, not only can save a few hours of trial run time, and can avoid the future tool repair error.
3. Mold inspection
Most CMM coordinate measuring machines can only collect discrete data in a predetermined interval, and the method, such as a portable CMM coordinate measuring machine, can be used to manually scan a continuous contour surface. In the field of mold manufacturing, the application of such a measuring device with a rocker arm is very desirable. The technician does not have to first dismantle the mold to re-analyze where to improve, simply simply measure the existing mold surface, and then the surface profile generated by the measurement system is compared with a perfect theoretical graphic with computer-aided design software , If there is inconsistency between the two comparison graphs, it indicates that the mold is partially defective. At this point, as long as the use of portable measurement equipment again, scan the mold surface related parts, and make a mark for further rework modification.
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