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Current Situation and Market Analysis of Compound Machine Tool

Industry News
2017/10/12 15:50
Faced with fierce market competition, the company's survival is to give the product more value, which means to produce more sophisticated and more complex products. At the same time, a company must also reduce the use of funds when seeking to increase product categories. This has promoted the development of multi-function composite machine tools.
Changing the concept of composite machining machine tools
Today's manufacturing, especially the mechanical processing site, has the following characteristics: multi-species, small batch production; shortened delivery time; required to reduce costs; with light, the performance of complex to increase the complex shape of the product; lack of skilled operation Personnel and excellent technical staff. A business to adapt to this situation and in the fierce competition in the market to win, the need for new technology and machine tools, then as a "trump card" of the composite processing machine will follow the market demand debut.
We will have a number of processes, different ways to process the complex shape of the workpiece capacity of the machine called composite processing machine. In order to achieve the same purpose of using the integrated method to improve the production efficiency and the added value of the machine for the purpose of the technology also has the machine control coordinates of multi-axis, to expand the processing functions, multi-functional solution. Here we put the former in a machine to achieve different varieties of machine tools and the latter multi-coordinate control machine both known as composite processing machine.
The function of the composite machine tool varies with the changing times. In the past, there was a time when the machining center was referred to as a composite machine tool, but the range of tool exchange processing was limited and the area of ​​cutting was not removed. The general machining center was no longer called a composite machine The.
The development and production of composite machine tools has been continuously promoted in the market demand. In particular, recently, the number of sales of machine tools with the combination of turning function and rotary cutting function has increased rapidly, and it is expected to achieve production and sales in the future. scale.
The Current Situation of Compound Machining Machine
Composite machine tools generally have these characteristics: set less, sometimes even a one-time; complex parts do not need to work on multiple machines; reduce the number of times the workpiece clamping; processing site to reduce the number of machines, do not need to invest a lot on the site.
Machine tool manufacturers are adapting to the growing market in two ways. One is that they designed the machine can carry out more than one processing process. Now, some machines can provide a variety of functions for milling, drilling, tapping, turning, grinding, welding and leveling. Another more versatile approach is to increase the speed of the workpiece by speeding the workpiece clamping speed, which is achieved by adding robots or workpiece gripping mechanisms in a single machine or unit. Multifunctional machine tools Another interesting factor is that most automation and aerospace manufacturers are currently tending to reduce their own processing scale and require suppliers to deliver modules that are available for assembly directly. Analysts see large companies facing the warranty and equipment aging and can not be high-precision processing of high-precision parts and many other issues, so now some large quantities of the workpiece is broken down into small quantities subcontract to multiple suppliers. All this for the composite processing machine tool to provide their ability to play a useful place.
The machine tool is made up of functional unit parts
Makino is a company specializing in the development of grinding technology. Initially, they provided electroplated CBN grinding wheels for traditional machining centers. Now they have greatly expanded the technology, developed in addition to plating with CBN grinding, but also has a ceramic grinding wheel with a composite grinding center. Now when the hard nickel alloy material is processed, grinding has become a primary roughing process in addition to the traditional final finishing. This is a compelling reform that achieves flexible manufacturing on both machines that can be machined and ground.
Makino uses a standard machining center platform and offers a unique grinding option package. In addition to electroplating CBN grinding wheels, the company now offers grinding options using ceramic grinding wheels. In addition, Makino has added special cooling circuits and wheel grinding capabilities to support grinding. The second shaft of the machine comes with a diamond grinding roller to support continuous grinding, which includes a continuous and intermittent grinding system that is fixed in the machine work area. This continuous grinding capability greatly improves productivity and quality because sharp abrasive particles are continuously exposed and the grinding wheel has a very good shape retention capability. The change of the grinding wheel profile can be done by calling the different grinding rollers and grinding wheels in the magazine, which is similar to the machining center tool change.
An important control factor in the process is the use of coolant. Such as the use of too much coolant, like a seaplane, the workpiece tool contact is not good; use too little coolant, not only reduces the cutting speed, and may burn the workpiece. So the machine has another set of nozzles for milling, if necessary, you can add the spindle coolant.
Makino installed a high-pressure nozzle around the grinding wheel 360. Using this programmable nozzle, the high-pressure coolant was injected into a perforated wheel in the front of the grinding wheel. The centrifugal force pushed the liquid out of the wheel and enough liquid would rinse the debris Wheel, so as to keep the workpiece cool.
Module design is the key
EMAG company is unique, it has many basic machine tool platform, can be improved to meet the specific requirements of users, so most of its machine tools are customized, using the way to increase the module. For example, there is a vertical machining center that is very popular with EMAG users, which can be used for turning, rolling, grinding, quenching, assembling and laser welding.
EMAG company in the order, the designer first from the user's production conditions to find a solution, and then create a task to complete the machine or machine tool production line. This may be a single function machine (grinding, milling, etc.), but often requires multifunctional design, including milling, drilling, turning, grinding, threading, hobbing, boring, welding, measuring and workpiece leveling The
The main design features of the EMAG machine are: short stroke, that is, the travel between the workpiece and the cutting tool is very short; the environment is cooled and the machine is kept at ambient temperature, not at any value; when the workpiece and the machine are at the same temperature The internal system cycle cools all heat sources in the machine, including motors and bearings; the smallest vibration, foundation and columns are made of advanced aggregated granite components called Mineralit. Compared to traditional materials, Mineralit's small vibrations provide good surface quality and longer tool life for machining. In addition, all power units are not in the work area, but are mounted on a rigid box-like structure on the machine and are also surrounded by a ribbon-like fluid element on the spindle that reduces vibration and load The
Manufacturers of the automotive industry and transportation industry use VSC lathes and gears and hobbing centers to turn the blankets, the high speed gears, and the repair burrs. VSC composite machines can also be converted from machining soft blankets to machine parts that process hard base classes. For example, the VSC machine can automatically carry out a soft car to process the cast steel piston, followed by a hard drive, drilling, milling, and grinding with CBN or diamond wheels.
Another unique feature of the VSC machine is the welding unit. Which is increasingly used in the laser welding of the transport industry. Many institutions, such as drive wheels and clutches, are often first machined separately and then assembled and welded. At the welding station, clamp the assembled workpiece and then generate the weld. The teeth of both types of workpieces are also protected against splashing of the solder onto the tooth surface of the workpiece. The welding station has two shafts. During the welding process, one shaft is used for clamping the workpiece and the other shaft is used to unload the welded components and carry the next workpiece. Installed components are stacked on the conveyor, manually or automatically.
EMAG's VSC series machining center is considered to be the world's leading lathe design, the machine is moving and the machine tool does not move. This design is the basis for most multifunctional machining centers so that a variety of machining steps can be achieved using the same machine in the same machine tool, thus enabling the transition from "simple" vertical lathes to multifunctional composite machine tools The EMAG has delivered more than 5,000 such machines.
Expanding the market and changing needs
Monarch Machine Company has assembled a VTL platform on the bridge frame of its machining center, enabling the machining center to achieve 5-axis functionality. Bridge frame control X, Y, Z axis, a 150cm, 60kW turning / positioning table, a replaceable spindle head clamping tool or 50 ° spar tool plus a single axis tiltable spindle head 5th axis. You can achieve 5-axis machining, the typical product is a large valve and aero engine components. Monarch Machine Company is bullish on the multi-function machine tool market and hopes it continues to expand. Monarch Machine is working on the re-design of existing machines and some new design work, so that its vertical machine can have a similar horizontal machine spindle function.
Fuji Machine Tool American company initially manufactured machine tools are mainly used for mass production, often processing more than 100,000 pieces of workpieces, in such production efficiency, you can not expect to use the lathe for milling or drilling processing. Today's demand for small quantities and more complex workpieces is more pronounced. Some big manufacturers are trying to get rid of the finishing process, they want to install the module, in their vigorously promoted, the suppliers have to replace the old equipment and reduce the scrap rate. To reduce costs, these companies need simple machine tools that offer a variety of functions.
A machine tool company to meet the customer's above new requirements, can quickly replace the function of the machine is a solution, for example: run 1,2 days will be able to finish a live, change the function to become another machine to run for half a day to complete another Artifacts, and so on. To meet this demand, milling lines, TN lines came into being, they are mainly for those small and medium-sized factory to achieve multi-functional automated design and design. This is a conservative design based on one or two axes, which can be milled, drilled or tapped. With the extensive use of milling-car centers, 5-axis machine tools have also been used to meet the needs of multi-functional markets. Mikron can provide from three to five axis of the machine, the spindle speed of 60000r / min, acceleration more than 1g. One of the latest products is UCP600Vario, power 16kW, spindle speed 20000r / min, there are five-axis, five-sided processing of the rotation / tilt table. To ensure accuracy, the machine is also equipped with vibration monitoring and intelligent temperature control module.
The UCP600Vario five-axis unit from Mikron can meet many of the multifunctional requirements
Composite machines require more robots to fit
US Motoman company that: the machine outside the device independent of the robot and enclosed in the machine inside the robot application will become increasingly popular. They are sealed to prevent the lubricant or coolant from entering the robot's key mechanism technology. In addition to the traditional loading and unloading, now the robot can also be transported to the workpiece measurement area, grinding process or to the visual inspection system. The biggest progress of the robot is to simplify programming and operation in terms of control. For example, the operator can call the visual diagram to see if the workpiece held by the robot is the piece that should be processed.
US System 3R also believes that when a robot can serve a number of single-function machine, you can greatly improve the versatility of manufacturing. The less time the human hand touches the workpiece, the better the robot should play a more role in improving machine versatility.
The main unit provided by System 3R in the United States is a robot called WorkMaster. This kind of take-in material robots serve three machine tools. Most of the action is to put the workpiece tray from one machine to another without additional setup. The biggest difference between devices is the software part. Robot 75% of the job is to serve a machine, that is, the machine program sends a signal to the robot to tell it when to move. In some of the more complex applications, the robot program can control the machine. Using a software called "WorkShopManager", the robot's program becomes a unit controller. Each piece of fixture and the chip on the magazine view and start the working cycle. For example, the robot program tells the machine what parts they are processing and checks the configuration.
The Fanuc robot company said that the robot not only applied to the simple loading and unloading, but also can do some of the operation after processing, such as measurement and workpiece calibration. In the auxiliary machine tool processing capacity, intelligent robot has added new features. They have the ability to increase the force and visual function, can be carried out to carry different sizes of the workpiece; they are not limited to a specific way to grab the workpiece, but also can handle the size of different or handling a group of workpieces, and in the workpiece , The force sensor can adjust the grab force according to different conditions, rather than with the set force; the robot can also accurately place the workpiece or through programming to complete the replacement of the chuck size, such as the size of the machine to adjust, so they can cancel or reduce the need Artificial labor. The key to all this is the connection between the robot program and the machine or machine unit
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