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Single - electrode processing of multi - cavity pen injection mold

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2017/10/12 15:50
Manual or single-axis CNC sparks machine processing method is to group a number of electrodes, generally divided into rough and finishing two sets of electrodes, roughing generally consists of 3_4 electrodes composed of a group, the number of finishing electrodes
1. Electrode, the workpiece needs to be clamped several times, the accuracy is not easy to guarantee;
2. The use of electrodes, increasing the electrode manufacturing costs, and the consistency of the electrode requirements are higher;
3. In order to ensure the accuracy of the shape of the cavity, the basic can not be used flat (Z-axis servo, XOY plane translation), finishing a long time;
4. Because the multi-electrode processing at the same time, discharge area, limiting the final finish.
Using the lateral servo of SF and the rich translational function, you can use one electrode to complete all the cavity of the rough processing, set aside less margin, and then a finishing electrode for repair, such as higher requirements, Can be used to repair the first three electrodes, so that only 2 3 electrodes can be completed all the cavity processing.
Since the smooth plane of SF is selectable, it can be applied with the Y-axis servo, and the XOY plane is flat, which does not produce the flat-side phenomenon. main feature:
Electrode and workpiece are not required to be clamped multiple times;
Reduce the number of electrodes, reduce manufacturing costs;
Reduce the replacement electrode due to the secondary correction error, to ensure that the corners of the line coincide, the center in a straight line;
Because it can be added to improve the chip removal, so the processing efficiency and surface finish have improved;
With a electrode to complete the finishing, to ensure the consistency of the product;
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