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ZF hybrid drive: efficient and environmentally friendly

Industry News
2017/10/12 15:51
From the fuel consumption point of view, ZF's hybrid drive more economical, and do not need to take up additional installation space
The maximum savings of 30% fuel consumption
ZF and its strategic partner, Continental Automotive Systems, have conducted a full range of cooperation in the technical field
Alternative drive solutions are highly respected in all respects. Its advantages are not only reflected in environmental protection and energy conservation, but also in line with the provisions of the new regulations, but also to meet the requirements for higher efficiency. ZF offers a wide range of hybrid systems and components, all of which take advantage of additional fuel savings in the drive system. The new 8-speed automatic transmission is the latest example of efficient and simultaneous power-driven technology, which can be used in conjunction with hybrid modules. In the development of hybrid solutions, ZF walked in the forefront, and early in the automotive industry before the promulgation of climate regulations introduced a more stringent standards. The company has been able to provide components, modules and complete hybrid systems based on parallel hybrid. However, fuel economy and environmental protection do not mean that you must sacrifice driving dynamics, safety and comfort. The latest 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF is fully confirmed by the fact that it is in the process of converging related applications and maintaining continuous production. 8-speed hybrid drive The newly developed 8-speed automatic transmission is a modular design that can be combined with different input and output drivers without having to deviate from the basic transmission concept. This means that the transmission can achieve additional fuel savings in conjunction with a hybrid module or system. ZF is more committed to the parallel hybrid, that is, in the internal combustion engine access to a motor. According to the design (such as hybrid electric hybrid, micro hybrid or full hybrid power system) and drive cycle, oil and electricity hybrid system can save 5% -8% fuel consumption and full hybrid system can achieve 30% fuel savings The Due to the improvement in installation space, motors, clutches, torsional vibration dampers, dual mass flywheels, and hydraulic mechanisms can be effectively and compactly installed in the transmission. At the same time, ZF is carrying out the above-mentioned complete sets of equipment with the development of hybrid transmission function. Function of the network will enable the entire system to achieve efficient power hybrid management. Therefore, the hybrid version of the 8-speed automatic transmission at the output can meet the various requirements of ZF-all-wheel drive system. Driving power characteristics such as direct engine matching and sensitive response, precise gear quality and comfortable handling, are further improved by mixing. Through years of experience in the development and production of drive systems technology, ZF has the technical capabilities to integrate its economical hybrid solutions into any drive system or vehicle environment. The other hybrid solutions in the ZF Group also fully confirm this. The ability to mix the drive system Through the stop / start function, a passenger car can save 8% of the fuel consumption, especially in the city driving conditions. However, ZF is more focused on micro-hybrid and all-hybrid research and development, that is, electronic drive device is integrated in the transmission system, which happens to be mixed with the hybrid electric power. For micro-hybrid, some modules are essential, such as crankshaft starting generators DynaStart. In cooperation with the Continental Automotive system, ZF has the ability to provide a complete hybrid solution for the vehicle manufacturer, including the brakes. In the hybrid module and its space savings, transmission and transmission system function integration, ZF's development capability has been the mainland automotive system technical support. Continental Automotive Systems specializes in industrial electronics, software integration, energy management and electrically controlled brakes. This is important for micro hybrid systems and full hybrid systems where the motor supports (facilitates) the output of the internal combustion engine and the braking energy for battery (regenerative) charging. Through the interaction between hybrid transmissions, batteries, internal combustion engines, and suspension components, to form an optimized drive system solution - environmentally friendly, economical, comfortable, and has good driving dynamics.
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