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New type of shaving compound top

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2017/10/12 15:51
The top of the shaving machine's tailstock usually has only one 60 ° cone, as shown in the figure for the cone 1, which is satisfied when shaving discs and general shaft gears. However, when shaving the gearbox input shaft (ie, I-axis) gear, because the right end of the shaft has a bearing hole of 40mm or more (different products of the hole diameter is different), so the shaving must use the top tip to replace the tailstock tip The And I plant products and more varieties, often replace the top is very troublesome, affecting the accuracy of the shaving gear.
The composite top has two cones, and the cone 1 is used when the shaving disc gear (mounted on the shaving mandrel) and the general shaft gear, the cone 2 is used when shaving the I-axis gear.
Top materials for the T10A, heat treatment quenching 60 ~ 65HPC. Due to the frequent use of the cone 1, wear fast, so the head with carbide welding, improve the top wear resistance and service life.
The journal d1, d2 is mounted in the tailstock bearing hole by means of precision rolling bearings. The cones 1 and 2 are ground in a single clamping to ensure that the beating with the journal d1, d2 center line is less than 0.005 mm and the surface roughness is less than Ra0.4. Diameter d, length l by the I-axis bearing hole diameter and depth to determine the top left end of the head does not touch the bottom of the I axis under the premise of l take a small value, d take a large value, so that the top has good rigidity.
With this top, without changing the shaving parts and replace the tailstock top, the actual use, the effect is very good, welcomed by the operator, peer manufacturers have reference, can also be used in other processing.
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