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Cylindrical - cone double gear grinding tooling

Industry News
2017/10/12 15:52

Cylindrical - Cone Double Gear The heat treatment of the grinding wheel is the key process that affects the accuracy of the gear. The tooling shown in the figure can effectively ensure the gear accuracy after grinding. The tooling is positioned on the transition plate of the machine tool spindle, and the workpiece is positioned as follows: The bead end is positioned on the pitch circle with a small amount of grease and is pressed in the positioning of the clamp body 2 Hole and the end face, the big end to the section of the column 4 in the workpiece pitch on the positioning, the use of small taper elastic set of 7 set in the clip on the cone surface, pressed up sets, you can clamp the workpiece pitch circle. Small taper rose sets of high precision positioning, self-locking is good, the section cylinder with a cage 5 fixed positioning, easy to use. The positioning of the clamping body, the inner hole and the cone surface of the high precision, can be a tool in the machine grinding, nut 3 from the loose effect. After the workpiece processing, the use of special tools through the side of the nut window, pry loose sets, remove the next section of the cylinder can remove the workpiece, simple and quick, can effectively ensure the accuracy of the gear after grinding.

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