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CNC milling machines and machining centers require more support for stronger mills

Industry News
2017/10/12 15:55
CNC Milling and Machining Centers Need Machining Capability and Versatility More Milling Cutters - Over the past few years, tool suppliers have developed more advanced milling tools from this need.
In the past, especially in the face of mass production, special tools are often the only effective solution. And now, the need for more flexible production methods, the new milling cutter concept provides a more extensive processing capacity of the tool. Modern tool design and manufacturing, to achieve a more complex tool concept, the use of CNC machine tools to improve output, the process has become more reliable.
Tool technology development
Mills and blades were previously regulated by ISO standards, so users can buy interchangeable tools in the hands of different suppliers. But to meet the standards, but also for the cutter and blade set limits. The ISO standard specifies the shape of the blade, the thickness, not only the circumference but also the dimensions used to insert the blade chuck and the wedge, as well as the tool body size. Blade grades, grinding, chip breaker design are limited to a certain range. Users and tool suppliers who fully comply with the ISO standard, which means that they will face serious process and performance constraints.
Compared to ISO standard cutters, the milling cutter concept now offers more freedom for tool suppliers, optimizing tool and blade design to provide a more versatile machining capability for CNC machining centers. The new tool concept, so that processing safety, processing accuracy, surface finish, the ability to adapt to different processing paths, metal removal rate, tool extension and high-speed machining of these problems can be better resolved.
Now, in order to adapt to the current operating processes and materials, the concept of milling cutter has been optimized after the industry has been widely accepted, such as: Sandvik Coromant about 80% of the cutter are CoroMill cutter. Compared with the ISO standard tool, these concepts cut the metal speed of the tool several times faster, cutting force smaller, force guidance direction is often more appropriate. At the same time, compared with the ISO standard tool, the concept of tool beating much smaller, to ensure that smaller parts tolerance, less cutting edge wear. Axial and radial runout are minimal, meaning higher cutting edge accuracy, improved surface finish, smaller part tolerances and longer tool life. These tools also distribute the machining load more evenly and allow faster cutting with lower noise, vibration and wear.
These modern concept tools also provide the opportunity to achieve high spindle speeds, rapid traverse milling and hard part machining, and increase the chance of achieving dry milling. CoroMill design features make the concept of tool design more concise, the need to adjust and maintain less, from the pre-hardened steel processing from the knife body is good, high precision, with precision positioning blade can provide different pitch selection, suitable for Various processing occasions.
Use obsolete milling cutter consequences
The use of obsolete mills may seriously affect the processing economy and production safety, so the use of non-modern concept milling machine processing workshop in the processing of competitiveness will be significantly inferior to others. Only to invest in advanced machining centers or other rotary spindle milling machines, but not to update the cutter and blade users, get only one-sided increase.
Some manufacturers still use outdated special milling cutters, boring tools or other special tools, cutting tool technology and CNC processing capacity of progress, for them to bring new development potential. However, these old knives are often designed and used for specific cutting steps on one or a class of components. It is also said that the machining center is equipped with separate rotary tools for each component.
The use of these sizes through specially designed standard tool, in a sense, seems to have returned to the milling machine or axial machining capacity limited dedicated machine tools to complete the boring and milling process. Especially for the inner surface machining, each diameter, each surface, chamfer and groove, even if the size difference between each other only a few millimeters, need to be equipped with a separate tool. The use of adjustable blade holders on the chucks sometimes results in limited flexibility only.
With the multi-spindle CNC machining center widely used, tool movement is no longer limited. Therefore, even if a tool can not complete all the cutting, at least to complete several processing tasks. Programming a different tool path has become a fairly simple thing, and it can also be done using slash and circular interpolation. The tool is more flexible and has a wide range of activities, and can be applied to different sizes on the part as long as it is simple to adjust.
The tool has been reduced and the production time has increased
A European cross country vehicle manufacturer in its horizontal machining center flexible production line using modern concept cutter, quite a harvest. The production line for the wheel loader axle processing different forms of shell. This retrofit is only part of the overall benefit project, which aims to improve the performance of the drive train components, in particular by improving the production efficiency to improve the side shell processing. Before this flexible production line using a special boring tool for different sizes of cast iron side shell for processing. Each part has several different sizes of inner diameter and inner surface to be processed. After analysis, it is recognized that the concept of the tool can replace several before using a boring tool, not limited to the hole size. For example, small diameter long blade tool can be interpolated, it can process a variety of size center hole, processing different sizes need to do only change the program only. The tool is versatile for different sizes and processes. The standard concept tool is also used for face milling.
The operators also believe that the concept of tool to make the process safety to a new level, which is also a big step forward. Tool adjustment and maintenance is more simple and reliable. CoroMill tool with center screws, with the knife attached to the TORX wrench to get the correct torque, the blade is easy to clamp. This is not a big move, but it is of great significance to ensure the safety of the processing process.
The CoroMill concept cutter and the Coromant Capto integrated interface also offer many benefits, such as 25% reduction in machining and installation time, 50% reduction in tool count, and higher production safety level. The new machining method also simplifies the installation of parts on the machine. It is estimated that 10% of production time can be reduced by improved processing.
New concept tool
Update the concept of cutting tools, such as CoroMill 390 long blade tool, blade size variable, can be suitable for a variety of applications; there are specifically used for processing aluminum alloy CoroMill Century 590 face milling cutter.
Modern long edge cutter, equipped with several kinds of blades in the processing, the existing machine tool power under a very effective metal removal tool. Due to the negative rake angle of the blade, the previous use of this tool is limited and is mainly used for heavy duty cutting. 390 Long edge tool development provides a smoothing tool for machining features that can be used to achieve high table feed with minimum power consumption.
Aluminum processing
CoroMill Century 590 Face Mills A new generation of concept tools for a wide range of applications - from the mass production of the automotive industry to the high demand process of the aerospace industry. 590 tool can be used from carbide inserts to polycrystalline diamond blades a variety of blades, to complete the coarse to super finishing.
For a long time, aluminum milling tools have been looking forward to significant development. Century tooling provides a new means to improve processing performance while processing a variety of aluminum alloys to ensure process safety and quality consistency. This tool is designed for high speed machining and can be safely used for spindle speeds up to 40000r / min. Designed with a small number of components, light weight, with high-speed blade (cutting edge) blade installed in the jagged arrangement of the blade seat to ensure that the minimum beating. The tool is easy to use and can be adjusted with an adjustable screw in an axial direction to reduce downtime and repair time.
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