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Design of Control System for Large Centrifugal Casting Machine

Industry News
2017/10/12 15:56

Large-scale centrifugal casting machines are mostly used to produce rolls. In centrifugal casting, the speed of the mold (also known as tube mold) is very important, especially in the roll production, the need for secondary pouring (Tim core), in particular, requires speed and time and temperature of the strict control. In order to meet the requirements of the roll casting process, we designed a large-scale centrifugal casting machine control system, the system real-time control and dynamic tracking, precise control of centrifugal casting roll process. Past large-scale centrifuge control system, mostly using open-loop automatic / semi-automatic control, electromagnetic speed control system, poor working stability, artificial factors. We through the hardware and software to improve the design, the use of Siemens AC inverter (6SE70 series) or DC speed control system (6RA70 series), the sensor input temperature, speed and host vibration measurement signal, programmable controller real-time calculation, as long as the The corresponding production parameters can be automatically tracked to set the corresponding operating parameters; the entire production process to achieve a real closed-loop, automatic tracking control, eliminating the human intervention and other factors and improve the product quality and production efficiency.

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