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Die-casting mold management and maintenance

Industry News
2017/10/12 15:57
Mold is one of the three essential factors in the production of die-casting, die directly affect the use of mold life, production efficiency and product quality, the relationship between the cost of die-casting. For the die-casting workshop, the mold good maintenance and maintenance is a strong guarantee for the normal production, is conducive to the stability of product quality, to a large extent reduce the invisible production costs, thereby enhancing production efficiency. According to the problems encountered in the actual production, we explore how to do the maintenance of the mold better.
First: build mold files, be prepared -
(1) that is, to each set of molds in the factory to establish a complete set of the use of records, which is to ensure that after the maintenance and maintenance of an important basis for each one must do meticulous, clear, including the daily production model Times included.
(2) as a mold manager, mold from the factory after the mold part of the structural parts must be carefully recorded in the mold file, and according to the needs of the mold within the vulnerable parts listed in advance to prepare accessories, Such as the mandrel, core, etc. ~ ~ set up the minimum inventory of vulnerable parts, so as not to prepare for the lack of production. Because in the company such a lot of lessons, prepared to be able to suffer. If you are not prepared for spare parts and delay production, for the die-casting enterprises caused by the cost is great, time, manpower, insulation furnace electricity (or liquefied gas) are not small numbers, the most important is the delay in production, Delayed delivery loss will be greater!
(3) It is necessary to mark the mold at the same time as the mold itself, and it is easy to distinguish it. So as long as not stupid people will not cause the wrong mold farce.
(4) If the cylinder with the core of the mold, as soon as possible with its quick change connector, or every time the mold out of the oil from the oil tank is wasted enough money to pay several employees a month's wages, you You can also use the money saved to the staff to improve the food. This also greatly shorten the time of the die-casting operation tool loading and unloading mold, serve several things. Remember to buy some good quality quick connector, otherwise counterproductive.
(5) in advance to develop mold management regulations, the staff of the system training, the effective implementation of the go.
Second, the mold in the production process of the matters needing attention ~ mentioned mold maintenance and maintenance, in a lot of die-casting operator's mind will immediately flashed a concept, always think that it is a mechanic, and his relationship is not, In fact, the opposite is true. The fate of all the molds can be said to be in the hands of the die-casting operator. For example, you have a car, opened a few years off, you can say that those are caused by a car wash it? So the mold in the use of the following points to pay special attention:
(1) the use of mold cooling system. Mold cooling water in the correct use of the case not only to extend the life of the mold, but also improve production efficiency. In the actual production we often ignore its importance, the operator is also easy to handle, then pick up too much trouble, do not take the cooling water pipes, and some companies even in the custom mold when the cost in order to save even do not cool Water, which has caused very serious consequences. Mold materials are generally dedicated mold steel produced through a variety of processing, and even the best die steel also have their use of the limit, such as temperature. Mold in the use of state, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to make the core surface early turtle cracks, and some molds have not even more than 2000 models of turtle cracks on a large area. And even mold in the production because the mold temperature is too high Core have changed the color, measured even up to four hundred degrees, such a temperature and then encounter the release agent in the state of the cold is prone to turtle crack, the production of products But also easy to deformation, strain, sticky mold, etc. appear. In the case of the use of mold cooling water can greatly reduce the use of release agent, so the operator will not use the release agent to reduce the temperature of the mold. The advantage is to effectively extend the die life, save die-casting cycle, improve product quality, reduce sticky mold and strain and sticky aluminum situation, reduce the use of release agent. But also reduce the mold temperature overheating caused by the loss of the mandrel and the core.
(2) mold in the beginning of the production process must be preheated mold to prevent the cold mold suddenly encountered hot metal liquid and lead to the emergence of turtle cracks, more complex mold can be used torch, liquefied gas, good conditions The use of mold temperature machine, relatively simple mold can use slow injection preheat.
(3) the mold parting surface cleaning, which is very troublesome, it is easy to overlook, if the boss starting high, buy a good mold, then it seems much easier, if the mold quality is not good, Production in the mold parting surface is bound to have a flash or dirt generated, the operator should often go to clean up these parts, at any time with a small blade (the company should give your staff to prepare the tool, a good gun To fight). If there is no timely removal of the flash, the mold parting surface is easy to collapse, resulting in the production process of running aluminum, once the consequences, no matter how good you repair experts, the possibility of complete repair is very small No, they are not capable. The consequences of running aluminum, not only increased the cost of die-casting, white aluminum waste, product quality is not stable, especially the internal quality, but also to increase the difficulty of determining the process parameters, the pass rate will drop a lot, from the safety considerations, Increased the chance of injury. In the shift, the operator applied kerosene thoroughly to clean the mold parting again, not only to prevent the mold will not be crushed, and after cleaning, the mold can be detoxification agent residue or other dirt blocked row Gas tank open up, is conducive to the process of injection of gas within the cavity to improve product quality, a team down to clean the surface twice is appropriate. Let the staff to develop a good habit.
(4) If the mold is equipped with neutron control, pay attention to the absolute ban die and die between the signal line has a joint phenomenon, the reason is clear, in daily production, it is difficult to avoid the signal line water, or joint bandage Of the place easy to break, resulting in short circuit with the machine, if the signal is caused by errors, ranging from automatic shutdown alarm delay time, while the signal is chaotic, the top of the mold bad. Resulting in unnecessary losses. Stroke switch attention to waterproof.
(5) each team succession, in accordance with the company's "mold point checklist" seriously do check, find the problem in a timely manner, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.
Moreover: the responsibility of mold classes in the mold maintenance and maintenance play a "sick treatment, disease-free physical" role, for a set of mold a batch of tasks to complete, mold removal, the repair staff must The mold has a very detailed understanding, such as how many modules have been produced at the end of the time, have been out of any failure to see the end of the product to understand the current mold state, whether the mold to the safe life, whether according to the production The amount of the report to the workshop, etc., which must check the file of this mold;
(1) maintenance personnel in the maintenance, repair, maintenance process must master a principle, absolutely not allowed to change the size of the mold, in such a premise to work ~ If you change the original size, there is a batch quality The occurrence of the accident, the loss will be very heavy.
(2) In accordance with the Company "maintenance management regulations" to do a good job maintenance work. In the maintenance process, the mold workers on the use of the lack of awareness of the use of tools, such as in the process of polishing the mold with relatively coarse Whetstone, and some even the polishing machine mounted on the impeller on the core polished, not only caused by core The surface is full of deep scratches, and hurt the core surface of the nitride layer, so that the next time the production die can not be used, not sticky mold, is the strain. There are many cases is the case, the last mold production of good, so the reproduction on how to do not live, in addition to other external factors, this is a very important reason.
(3) For the wearing parts such as the mandrel, core, etc. should be carefully checked, there is no bending, cracks, etc., if there is a timely replacement, a lot of the situation is the mold production is not completed when the number of sub-type core is broken, Which did not seriously check, there is no problem found in advance, resulting in a great waste of manpower and time.
(4) polishing mold need to add that, where there are sticky aluminum, where there is carbon deposition on the polished place, to minimize the polishing caused by the mold caused by wear and tear.
(5) to deal with all parts of the mold movement, and the combination of parts, such as screws to do lubrication and anti-rust treatment.
(6) mold management staff at any time to monitor the maintenance status, pay attention to other management details. Do a good job maintenance records for inquiries.
Mold storage should be done account, drawings, files, etc. consistency, the mold can not be opened to prevent the loss of parts, long-term use of molds do rust-free treatment. The new mold in the specified period of time to do stress treatment to extend its service life.
In the mold maintenance and repair process, some say very simple, understand, but really do it hard, we need to fulfill our due diligence, the work done in place.
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