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Analysis on the Application of Mold Making Internet in Nanjing

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2017/09/15 17:20
In general, the mold size of the enterprise delivery cycle is about 18 days, mold manufacturing for 15 days, the electrode manufacturing and discharge processing for 11 days or so. Thus, electrode manufacturing and discharge processing in the mold delivery cycle accounted for 62%, to strengthen the electrode processing and manufacturing process management and enhance the level of automation, is to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle and enhance the level of mold manufacturing technology key. The electrode life cycle of information management is very important, but also the mold technology of the key technical content.
The status of small precision moldmaking workshop is as follows: the number of tools, the number of electrodes, the frequent replacement, the equipment moving rate is low; the number of equipment, the system is complex, the network is difficult; the average two workers per worker, the worker's work experience and working condition Is particularly important, the quality of the mold completely dependent on personnel and experience management, it is difficult to achieve high standards and high quality.
The application process of the mold network of the small precision mold making workshop is as follows: The tool electrode label automatically transfers the processing parameters, the automatic positioning of the knife point, the automatic processing of the batch processing, the automatic machining start of the CNC, the automatic import of the EDM processing offset, Processing, EDM automatic processing requirements, CMM multi-point modeling detection, automatic matching of quality data, automatic extraction of offset data. A large number of data concentrated in the background server hardware and software integrated system to achieve barrier-free transmission.
Small mold manufacturing workshop using mold technology has produced a good effect: equipment to increase the rate of 10% 20%, 50% reduction in staff, mold development and manufacturing cycle to shorten about 3 days, mold manufacturing costs by about 20%.
Large-scale precision molds manufacturing features and the status quo is: the need for transport scheduling, special equipment types, the system integration is difficult; the quality of each process to check on-line monitoring; process control difficult, mold delivery cycle is difficult to protect; Quasi-cost is difficult to control.
(1) CNC machining. Various types of equipment data through the label and the collection of equipment automatically assigned, batch equipment, automatic allocation of tools, NC program automatically split identification.
(2) flexible manufacturing system. CNC and EDM and CMM as well as warehouses, distribution of intelligent integration, to the Internet as a base point to achieve the flexibility of the overall flexible platform.
(3) distribution system. Tool, electrode, the workpiece from the distribution, wireless laser rail multi-point distribution, pallet truck material delivery. Large-scale precision mold shop using mold material networking technology also produced a good effect: the overall production efficiency of the workshop increased by 20%, order delivery cycle by 30%.
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