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The working principle and use method of NC bending machine

Industry News
2017/10/12 16:03
This is the bending of the thin plate CNC bending machine mold. The CNC bending machine mold includes a bracket, a table and a clamping plate. When used, the coil is energized by the wire, and the pressing force is applied to the pressing plate after the power is applied to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressing plate and the base. As a result of the use of electromagnetic force clamping, making the press can be made of a variety of workpiece requirements, but also for the sidewall of the workpiece processing, operation is also very simple. According to the ordinary hydraulic CNC bending machine mold processing Q235 sheet to do a brief introduction:
1, first turn on the power, open the switch on the control panel, and then start the pump, so you hear the sound of the pump rotation. (At this time the machine does not move)
2, stroke adjustment, the use must pay attention to adjust the trip, before the bend must be tested. Its upper mold down to the bottom of the bottom must ensure that there is a thick gap. Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold machine. The adjustment of the stroke is also an electric quick adjustment.
3, bending slot selection, generally choose to thickness 8 times the width of the slot. Such as bending 4mm of the sheet, need to choose about 32 of the slot.
4, after the block adjustment are generally electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning, with the cutting plate machine.
5, depress the foot switch began to bend, CNC bending machine mold and cutting plate machine different, you can release at any time, release the foot will stop, step on the continued down. Plastic bending machine mold, plastic folding machine, plastic plate CNC bending machine mold, plastic sheet bending plastic sheet directly bend, no need to splice, no slot, no need to use the electrode, Leaking, it will be hand welding into a fully automated machine operation, improve the quality, improve labor efficiency, reduce labor costs, greatly shorten the product production cycle. Automatic plastic angle machine is an electrical integration of automatic machinery and equipment. It is developed according to the principle of plastic plate heating and soft melting welding. It is suitable for all thermoplastic materials. Speed, angle treatment surface beautiful, high strength. Hydraulic shears are divided into pendulum and gate type. Pendulum activated carbon because it is circular motion, and circular blade production is quite difficult, usually with the blade after the horn compensation, so the gap is not accurate, Cut out the sheet is not very good because it is curved movement, the blade can not be made into a rectangular, but should be made acute angle, so the blade of the force is not ideal, the blade damage is more powerful. The domestic representative of the board machine is Tianshui Machine Tool Plant and the punching and shearing machine factory, and the brake hydraulic shears to overcome all the above problems, but the domestic manufacturers can do the gate shears. Relative to the cutting plate machine, CNC bending machine mold technical content to be slightly higher.Currently domestic G-shaped and F-shaped, F-shaped should be the traditional products, the use of built-in adjustable machinery Stop positioning, because it is built-in anti-partial load capacity is quite weak, so there are yellow stone in the early CNC bending machine mold with a balance valve, but also because of hydraulic, complicated, to the late maintenance and stability to bring very serious The latter is in the F-type models improved after the G-type, the use of external skateboard mechanical positioning, compared to the F-type it is more simple, more convenient debugging, even if the difference between the two sides of the situation can also be Non-professionals to add gasket to lift the problem.There is a kind of H-type CNC bending machine mold, its structure than the previous two are very different, which is leveraged structure, generally used for large tonnage CNC bending machine mold , Through the lever to enlarge the principle, the force to enlarge at the same time its use of electrical \ \ liquid combination of position control, so that the same tonnage of the CNC bending machine mold cost is particularly high, but the domestic production of such models Manufacturers are not many, CNC hydraulic sheet metal CNC bending machine The main features of the bed: WC67K CNC bending machine mold, the use of steel welded structure, vibration aging to eliminate stress, the machine has a very good rigidity and stability, the whole frame is good, stable, safe and reliable, easy to operate, through CNC bending machine mold CNC system and hydraulic system coordinated control, to achieve the ideal bending effect.
The main part of the machine and structure description:
1, the slider part: the use of hydraulic transmission, slider part of the slider, cylinder and mechanical block fine structure. The left and right cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) is driven by the hydraulic pressure to move the slider up and down. The mechanical stop is controlled by the numerical control system.
2, the table part: by the button box manipulation, so that the motor drive block forward and backward movement, and control by the NC system to move the distance, the minimum reading of 0.01 mm (front and rear position are limit switch limit)
3, the synchronization system: the machine by the torsion axis, swing arm, joint bearings and other mechanical synchronization mechanism, simple structure, stable and reliable performance, high precision synchronization. The mechanical stop is controlled by the motor, and the numerical control system controls the numerical value.
4, the ball body: the use of motor drive, chain drive to drive the two-wire synchronous movement, CNC system control block size. Laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can constitute a combination of efficient automated processing equipment for high-quality, Low-cost processing and production has opened up a broad prospect. The laser engraving machine is the combination of laser technology and computer technology, high-tech integration of new laser peripheral processing equipment. Laser engraving machine using high-performance laser and numerical control technology, through the independent development of the optical system, control systems and computer software, in the crystal, glass to achieve three-dimensional dynamic precision laser engraving, to solve the carving slow, the system is unstable, Point, the image and word processing software is not complete, the use of computer interface control card, laser explosion point is not uniform, automatic control device is not perfect, low cost of equipment and other issues. Improve the system efficiency, accuracy, maintainability, versatility and security. Crystal glass carving works in the color becomes more abundant is inevitable. The use of crystal glass crafts carved part of the light has a strong reflection and refraction, and the blank part of the light has a better permeability of the optical principle, by the micro-control circuit in accordance with the principle of three primary colors palette, respectively, control a few Kind of color lights, in the "Nestor" image on the mix, change a variety of brilliant colors, so that the original white carved image showing a colorful, dazzling effect. Three-point CNC bending machine mold working principle, die at the entrance angle and the core surface composition A, B, C three points, from these three points to determine the workpiece bending angle α, where the maximum force of point C, The angle of the angle α is correct or not directly, as shown in the figure as long as the change in the core "distance" size, can get a different angle of bending, angle control is installed in a bearing plate, and then loaded on the core drive arm The pointer is displayed on the dial, which is characterized by simple and intuitive control of the angle, no special mold can bend different angles of the bus, the bending is a mandatory bending, and can improve the bending accuracy. The difference between the bending and shearing machine and the conventional CNC bending machine die is that an active tool holder is mounted on the sliding upper beam and is mounted on the movable die holder at the same time. Bending mold and scissors knife or at the same time with two kinds of bending mold, in the activities of the knife mold folder on the bending mold and scissors knife called bending plate shearing machine; in the activities of the knife mold folder are two are bent Molded CNC bending machine mold. When the bending plate shearing machine is used to control the activities of the tool holder to the corresponding position can be transformed into a bending function or scissors function; CNC bending machine mold to promote the use of moving knife mold folder to the corresponding position can be transformed Into a thin plate bending mold bending function or thick plate bending mold bending function. The operation of the bending plate shearing machine is as easy as that of a single CNC bending machine or a single shearing machine, and the manufacturing material is greatly reduced. The CNC bending machine mold is quick and easy to use.
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