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Mobile Internet to promote the development of metal machinery mold industry

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2017/10/12 16:04
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile terminal equipment gradually popular, relying on 3G, 4G network and strong cloud services to support mobile marketing, promotion gradually penetrate each industry, to bring the impact of traditional industries at the same time Also brought a lot of opportunities, metal machinery mold industry naturally inevitable.
In recent years, China's metal machinery mold industry has made some development, but the industry competition is also increasingly fierce, a large number of small hardware machinery mold manufacturing enterprises need to expand the scale of enterprises, enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises to cope with the fierce competitive situation. Traditional marketing, marketing model has been unable to meet the needs of the development of hardware and mechanical mold industry, from the traditional line marketing model into online marketing, from the PC side to the mobile client, metal machinery mold industry followed the pace of mobile Internet, with tight The trend of the times, entered the era of mobile Internet marketing.
Metal machinery mold industry developed, metal machinery mold manufacturing enterprises, is China's most important equipment distribution center, its far-reaching, industrial area professional market Jinming International Machinery Mold City to meet market demand, timely introduction of their own mobile client - - gold machine pass. "Golden Machine" integrated information mobile Internet service platform to information sharing, product trade and provide solutions to the main service, relying on mobile Internet powerful media advantages, mainly for the metal machinery mold enterprises to provide industry information, product information promotion, micro-marketing, Industrial products online sales and other services. Through the platform, metal machinery mold manufacturing enterprises can achieve online order delivery, the user download and install the client, not only can anytime, anywhere query hardware and mechanical mold industry information, and in the platform for product screening, while in the platform Complete the order transaction.
In this way, enterprises and customer groups successfully achieved a seamless docking, so as to open up new marketing channels for enterprises to improve product sales, but also help to enhance the metal machinery mold industry information management level, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expand the enterprise Economic profit, boost enterprise transformation and development.
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