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Mold industry ushered in "Made in China 2025"

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2017/10/12 16:04
China's development of the mold industry has ushered in new opportunities for development. March 25, the State Council executive meeting to speed up the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" to achieve the upgrading of manufacturing. The meeting put forward the development of a new generation of information technology and other ten areas, the other to comply with the "Internet +" development trend. "Made in China 2025" framework was initially revealed. The meeting also proposed to focus on the development of a new generation of information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy and new energy vehicles, electrical equipment, Medicine and high-performance medical equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment ten areas. The meeting stressed that to comply with the "Internet +" development trend, the depth of information technology and industrialization integration as the main line, strengthen the industrial base capacity, improve the level of technology and product quality, promote intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing. Promote the integration of productive services and manufacturing industry development, enhance the manufacturing level and core competitiveness.
Ministry of Industry and Trade Minister Miao Wei said earlier, according to the three-step strategy, "Made in China 2025" is the "three steps" the first decade of the program of action. China should strive to through this decade of efforts to enter the global manufacturing industry's second phalanx, for the latter two steps to lay a good foundation.
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