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Sichuan Cosmos precision mould Co., Ltd. was selected as "member of the economic system reform think tank of Chengdu development and Reform Commission"

Company News
2020/05/15 09:31
On April 16, 2020, after a strict selection process, the list of members of the think tank for economic system reform of Chengdu development and Reform Commission was published. Mr. Deng Xingqiang, executive director and general manager of Sichuan Cosmos Precision Mold Co., Ltd., as a representative of entrepreneurs in the new economic field, was selected as a member of the think tank.
Being invited to become a member of the economic system reform think tank of Chengdu development and Reform Commission is not only the recognition of the company's market research and analysis ability in 2020, but also the affirmation of the company's business innovation and practice, which is conducive to improving the company's credibility and brand image, and promoting the sustainable and steady development of the enterprise.
The economic system reform think tank Department of Chengdu development and Reform Commission, Chengdu development and Reform Commission organ Committee, Sichuan University School of economics and Chengdu small and Medium Enterprises Association jointly set up a group of experts and scholars who are familiar with the latest international and domestic developments and have higher professional theoretical level, and entrepreneurs who have rich practical experience and grasp the pulse of the market. The think tank is committed to opening up the theoretical innovation, policy formulation and industrial service channels of urban economic system reform, improving the accuracy and operability of policy formulation, and contributing wisdom to Chengdu to speed up the full embodiment of new development concepts.
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