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Keep in mind the mission, dream and create brilliance ---Message from Mr. Deng Xingqiang, general manager of Cosmos

Latest Announcement
2020/05/21 13:26

16 years, a flick of fingers.

16 years ago today, with a love for the precision mold industry, Kos is quietly rooted in the soil of Wuhou.

Today, 16 years later, Koth is gorgeous and thriving. Thanks to a group of hard-working and enterprising people who have followed Koth for years.

It is this persistence and positive enterprising spirit that makes us walk steadily in every step. When the environment is facing the cold winter, Kos can still face the difficulties and keep healthy development. Now, how many people in Koth still remember what kind of hard work they have gathered behind this, and how much sweat they have expended to weave the blueprint today. This is by no means a word.

How far is the thought, how far it can go.

On May 18, 2004, Koth established a small workshop of 100 square meters, which is the place where Koth dreams to take off. In the workshop, there are not only 2 milling machines, 4 grinding machines, 1 sawing machine, 1 projector, 2 heat treatment furnaces, but also 7 Kesi people who dream of sailing. In the early stage, the scale is small and the resources are small. In order to meet a customer's requirement, we will ride through the streets and lanes, deal with the work all night, deliver the goods by plane at night and rush back to work by plane in the morning. We will try our best to reduce every second we can strive for in the production process and guarantee every delivery time of our customers. We are full of spirit, high morale and high energy. Only if we want to be big can we make it bigger. We have successively introduced the first EDM machine roboform23, the first high-speed machining center machine S33, the first slow wire cutting machine fi240cc, and the first injection molding machine "FANUC". But the market environment is unpredictable, and we have no time to prepare for it. In 2008, when the global financial crisis broke out and the market was depressed, the Kos people did not shrink or cut one employee, but actively explored the market. Under the severe financial crisis, we have gone against the wind, boldly added new equipment, and studied new technologies. Facts have proved that our decisions and actions are correct. The first heart should not only stay in one person's heart, but also in a group of people's heart.


In 2011, with the participation of all staff and several discussions and modifications, we finally have the company's mission: to make unremitting efforts for China precision manufacturing! It also has the company's vision: the successful listing of the company, the colleagues live and work in peace and create social wealth. That's what Koth always dreamed of.


Today, Koth is like a round of red sun, facing the brilliant morning glow, giving off a brilliant light, illuminating every corner of the city. Today's Koth is thriving. We should not only borrow external force skillfully, but also cultivate internal skill. We have always been committed to building Koth into a high-tech enterprise with an international vision: an international intelligent manufacturing enterprise integrating technology research and development, production and processing, assembly and testing, service and other value chains.

In 2016, ERP system was introduced; from 2017 to 2019, KPMG and other companies were hired to carry out a series of changes such as organization optimization and management upgrading; in 2020, the company launched the "lean transformation 2020" project to optimize and improve the quality, delivery time and cost. At the same time, organize management personnel to attend 4-5 management training, technical training and seminars every year. Adhere to close cooperation with colleges and universities, encourage students to innovate and practice, and jointly cultivate mold talents. Suffering belongs to us, so does honor. Kos has successively obtained "national high tech enterprise", "Sichuan Technology Center", "key backbone enterprise of China precision injection mold", "Sichuan honest private enterprise", "Sichuan new product new technology appraisal certificate", "2017-2020 key enterprise of mold export"“ At the same time, with their unique craftsmanship spirit, Kosi people have successively obtained more than 20 utility model patents and 4 invention patents. Koth people are never proud, never satisfied, and constantly review and sublimate their mission: leading precision manufacturing, boosting customers to build a brilliant world. The Koth people will continue to grow with the honor and sweat of the past.

Tomorrow is full of unknown and changing, but our goal is clear. We will continue to publicize and implement the concept of lean production, vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing, increase efficiency and production, adhere to the principle of quality first and unswervingly, and build a cadre team with high efficiency, unity and combat effectiveness. No matter how treacherous the future may be, Kosi people will always stick to their original heart and move forward with their original dreams.


The new epidemic of Spring Festival in 2020 is a disaster for Koth and the world. It not only threatens human life, but also the survival of enterprises. Kosi people are calm, active and fully prepared to return to work in early February. With the aggravation of the epidemic situation in Europe and the increasingly severe market situation, all staff have made suggestions and made initial achievements by focusing on the five priorities of this year's strategic plan. The difficulties and tribulations that Koth has experienced in the past 16 years tell us that we can overcome this disaster as long as we work together and do not change our minds.


16 years of hard work, 16 years of hard search, looking forward to the future, we always maintain the passion of struggle: self-cultivation in work, magnifying the pattern in responsibility, training skills in practical work, and reflecting ingenuity in details. With the sense of responsibility to interpret the original mind, to bear the dream.

Do not forget the original mind, remember the mission, dream, create brilliant!

In the next flowering year, Koth is still up to you!

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