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One-stop processing of precision molds Sodick Sodick launched "parallel mode"

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2017/09/15 17:21
Usually, when talking about hybrid material manufacturing technology, we have an intuitive feeling that the technology there are some imperfections. On the one hand, the price of mixed-material-making equipment is higher than that of pure CNC metal cutting machine, and the equipment is faulty and the two kinds of processing technologies are added and subtracted. On the other hand, Material manufacturing technology is LENS powder technology, taking into account the powder casting technology will be a lot of excess metal powder need to be recycled, and the end of the next step in the manufacture of CNC metal cutting process will lead to chip breaking and Coolant, in the same processing area to achieve addition and subtraction processing, powder recovery and processing area cleaning will become a major obstacle to the efficiency of processing. At present, the hybrid material manufacturing technology is mostly used for parts repair purposes.
However, Japan's Sodick's hybrid material manufacturing technology and other machine manufacturers there is a clear difference, if you look at the work area, you will think this is the Taiwan powder bed selective laser melting equipment, no coolant spray Without a lot of chip breakage, Sodick's hybrid material manufacturing technology is positioned in the processing of precision molds. Specifically, the Sodick OPM 350 L features are as follows:
Single process milling
Single process milling is a new automatic machining method for Sodick. The metal powder can be melted by laser, and then finely processed with a rotary cutter. In the manufacture of injection molds, only through a Sodick device can be completed with along the cooling channel and deep ribs of the complex shape of processing.
High speed modeling
Through the parallel mode (parallel mode) high-speed control of the laser, so many possible linkage processing. In addition, according to the shape of the 3D shape, the number of laser layers and tool cutting the balance of the optimization, significantly shorten the cutting practice.
Independent research and development of CNC devices and dedicated CAM
Through the Sadik independent development of the new computer numerical control device LN4RP, and equipped with independent research and development and manufacture of high-performance linear motor. Using CAD design and through CAE temperature simulation, the design of the CAD data read to the dedicated CAM "OS-FLASH" into NC program, you can use the OPM 350L one-stop mold manufacturing process.
3D Science Valley
No doubt, Sodick spotted the mold with the cooling mold! With the cooling mold and metal 3D printing technology can be described as a combination of imperative. The principle of the cooling is to quickly reduce the temperature of the plastic parts in a uniform and continuous manner. The injection molded parts can not be removed from the mold during cooling until the cooling is sufficient and the injection molded parts are separated from the mold. Any hotspots delay the injection cycle of the injection molded part, which may result in warping and sinking of the molded part after disassembly and may impair the quality of the component's surface.
The traditional mold cooling channel is achieved by secondary processing. Through the cross-drilling to create a straight line of the internal network, through the built-in fluid plug to adjust the flow rate and direction.
3D printing makes us free from cross-drilling restrictions. Now we can design the internal channel closer to the cooling surface of the mold and have a smooth corner, faster flow, and increased heat transfer to the coolant. But also according to the cooling requirements of the design of different cooling circuit, designed to heat at a consistent rate to promote the uniformity of heat dissipation.
According to market research, in order to meet the growing demand for orders, need to improve the production process from the injection process, the use of conventional cooling, injection tactics for 52 seconds , While the cooling rhythm from 22 seconds to 10 seconds, shortening the cooling time of 55%, faster cooling effect increased production by 40%, from the original 1500 lifts per day to 2100.
Not only Sodick, Switzerland GF processing program (Archie) and Germany EOS from 2015 for the mold industry jointly launched the material manufacturing equipment AM S 290 Tooling, the two sides will also be combined for the mold industry to provide quality and manufacturing Manufacturing a combination of mold processing solutions. At present, AM S 290 Tooling equipment and foundry manufacturing solutions have been "settled" at GF's technical center in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai, for mold manufacturing in China and the Asia-Pacific region, including testing, cost measurement services, including mold manufacturing solution.
With the 3D printing applications to the depth of the mold manufacturing industry can be said to be 冰火两重天, while the plastic 3D printing momentum violent, to "waste" out of the mold. Like NIKE and HP's cooperation, Adidas and Carbon's cooperation, is bound to subvert the traditional manufacturing process followed by the four steps: design, prototype, mold, production, directly from design to production process. The other side is the metal 3D printing into the industry, to enhance the efficiency of the mold. Including the traditional machine tool manufacturers such as Sodick through integrated powder bed laser melting technology to achieve with the cooling channel with the precision molds one-stop production, or EOS and Archie together to create a complete for the material manufacturing and Cutting mold manufacturing combined with mold processing solutions.
No matter what kind of effort, one thing is very clear, that is, the mold industry to change the day, and change the industry is not the current processing technology, sounded the industry transformation and upgrading of the horn is the 3D printing technology The By 2020, China's mold output is expected to reach 179.5 billion yuan, is through the metal 3D printing to promote the realization of this data or through the plastic 3D printing and sales of this data to achieve, let us wait and see!
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