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Precision aluminum structure of the market to China Zhongwang four yuan one model was approved

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2017/09/15 17:22
Prospects Industry Research Institute recently released "China's precision aluminum alloy structure manufacturing industry report" that the precision of aluminum alloy structural parts of the trend of alternative to other structural parts in recent years, the global aluminum manufacturing capacity to the domestic transfer trend, China's aluminum Alloy precision structural parts in the metal precision structural parts of the proportion of a substantial increase, and has become the focus of China's metal industry development. Due to the higher requirements of the process, China Zhongwang and other strength of aluminum enterprises will take the lead in the development opportunities.
Precision aluminum alloy structure is the use of mold filling technology, after the product molding, and then supplemented by finishing processing, and ultimately access to precision aluminum alloy structural parts, precision aluminum alloy structure products can reach the accuracy of silk grade (0.01 mm).
Downstream all kinds of application scenarios for the popularity of aluminum alloy precision structure manufacturing industry provides a broad market space. Communications industry, various types of equipment on the aluminum alloy precision structural parts have a greater dependence on the weight of the car has been opened, and all kinds of international parts and components enterprises began to expand in China, China's aluminum alloy precision structure manufacturing industry ushered An unprecedented opportunity for development.
As the world's leading manufacturer of aluminum processing products, China Zhongwang with its "four in one" business model to obtain market recognition, that is able to completely solve the industrial aluminum extrusion products, all the production process, namely "alloy casting", "mold Manufacturing "," extrusion equipment "," product development ".
Which mold in the production of aluminum extrusion products occupies an important position in the product molding is one of the key. Zhongwang has the largest special industrial aluminum extrusion mold design and manufacturing center in Asia. The mold is completely self-developed and designed and manufactured. It has realized the localization of difficult-to-extruded profile molds (such as high-speed train profiles, large-scale industrial radiators) Cross-section complex thin-walled thick multi-cavity profiles). High-end industrial aluminum extrusion products with high technical content, the need for multiple molds together, Zhongwang mold production includes both mold design, including mold combination.
It is understood that Zhongwang has successfully developed industrial aluminum tray, alpine high-speed rail cars, new energy bus body, passenger car body and parts and other types of huge market potential of high value-added deep processing products.
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