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Kesi precision • Fangtian software work together to reshape the traditional mold industry, leading the western China "wisdom" ma

Latest Announcement
2017/09/20 14:53
Kesi precision • Fangtian software work together to reshape the traditional mold industry, leading the western China "wisdom" made
April 8, Chengdu high-tech West took place a major event! Local radio have to report! Kesi and Fang days signed a cooperation agreement, officially opened the western China mold management upgrade banner.

  Fang Tian and Kesi to build demonstration projects

Sichuan Kesi Precision Mold Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 in Chengdu high-tech West, the existing staff of more than 300 people, with first-class mold manufacturing, testing equipment and strict production management mechanism. The company's main customer base has the world's top 500 enterprises, are Europe and the United States, South Asia, Taiwan and other regions of the well-known enterprises. 2015 Kesi purchase more than 50 acres of land self-built plant, and start the listing plan, developed into a set, mold manufacturing, mold manufacturing, plastic products, metal stamping and automation as one integrated group.
Fangtian software was established in 1996, the company is located in Taiwan, focused on the mold industry information 20 years, with sufficient experience in the implementation of the mold industry information, the time by the days to help Ke Si to build from the parts, mold, mold, plastic , Hardware and other groups of integrated system management platform.

In order to lead the information in the western China mold manufacturing industry, our company set up a professional software selection team, many domestic and foreign mold management software manufacturers for a period of one year inspection assessment, the final choice and the most influential domestic The mold management software brand Fang days software cooperation, hand in hand to create a model of China mold.

  Lighting the way of making molds in western China

April 8 at 9 am, Kesi precision and Fangtian software ERP project start conference and strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Sichuan high-tech West. Kosei Precision Deng Xingqiang, general manager, Fang Tian Software Group Xu Ze Fu, general manager and the two sides of the project team core members witnessed this important moment, the General Assembly by Ouyang Lianzi presided over.

  Ke Si Precision Deng Xingqiang, general manager of the important speech

Deng said: "With the development and expansion of enterprise scale, the continuous extension of the management chain, Coase close group management model more and more need to rely on efficient information management platform to further enhance the company's overall management capabilities, planning business processes, Improve operational efficiency, business management concepts and models are leap to a new level.
Today, we work together with the Chinese mold ERP software, the first brand provider Fang days software, the implementation of the integration of the core business system ERP, feel honored and proud. Fangtian company as a cross-strait leading enterprise management and synergies, business solutions provider, has a number of mold industry enterprises to provide management and operation support.
Kesi and Fangtian software to establish ERP strategic cooperation, marking the company ERP project officially launched, we will combine Fangtian's first-class information architecture, technology and solutions, as well as Fangtian software experienced implementation consultants, the implementation of methodology and the most Good management time, one after another to complete the project management, workshop management, supply chain management, covering the vast majority of the company's information construction, in order to achieve a solid foundation for digital management.
We believe that in the days of the strong support of the software, the Cisco ERP project will be the company and the industry have a significant historical significance and great demonstration effect. The world's leading information technology support system for the company to accelerate the "first-class, first-class brand, team-class" with international competitiveness of the world's top enterprises of the grand goal, and to a certain extent, promote the entire industry, enterprise information development to a higher level ! "

  Fang days software Xu Ze Fu, general manager of the speech

Xu said: "Kesi precision molds industry association is chairman of the board of supervisors, is the southwest region of the larger professional mold manufacturing enterprises and diversified integrated group company, Fang days software will use the accumulated 20 years of mold enterprise information experience , To help Kesi precision to create a southwest region and even the country, the global mold industry information model! Fangtian software group to take root in the western development and lay a solid foundation.

Xu shared his long experience in enterprise information, ten years ago, he said, "leadership of human nature, management standardization, visualization of the scene, business synergy" is nowadays and even a considerable period of time the survival and development of Chinese enterprises The Ten years later for the Internet + era, how to innovate a new model of enterprise development, he put forward the "enterprise without boundaries, management without leadership, supply chain without scale" concept, and specifically put forward the new "Longzhong three policy" practice action.

  Kesi Precision All odd introduction to the project composition list

Kesi precision ERP project leadership group deputy head, chief financial officer of the whole Qi Jie introduced the project set up the background, the list of members and the project to achieve the goal

  Best Practitioner Liu Xiaochan Read the Project Management Rules

Ke Si precision ERP project leader group leader Liu Xiaochan on behalf of all employees oath must do the project to promote the work to ensure the completion of quality by schedule. And read out the ERP project management system rules.

  Fang Tian Software Manager Luo Ning experience to share

Luo shared the company in the course of 20 years of counseling practice accumulated rich ERP import experience, Fangtian Software Group's achievements in the Department of Mold, and the mold industry for a long time the outstanding contribution to the information industry.

  Fang days software project manager Wang Changhong talk about the implementation

Fang days software project manager Wang Changhong introduced Fangtian software project implementation team, detailed description of the mold ERP system import steps and timetable, and mold ERP system implementation methods and the corresponding safeguards.

  Kesi precision project team members listen carefully

Delegates attending the meeting listened to the words and phrases from time to time in the notebook. ERP implementation of the implementation of the proposed initiatives to achieve digital, information technology, intelligent enterprise development goals with confidence.

  Sign the project implementation target letter of responsibility

Project manager, project technical person in charge, the person in charge of the project, the key members of the project and Deng signed the "project implementation target responsibility book", clear responsibility and play to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

  The leaders of both sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement

At 11 o'clock in the morning, the exciting moment came, Coase Precision and Fangtian software strategic cooperation ceremony, Deng Xingqiang, general manager and general manager of Xu Zefu signed a "product sales and service contracts", "strategic cooperation agreement", which Also marks the formal launch of the strategic cooperation between the two sides officially opened.

Deng and Xu total warm embrace, so that the signing ceremony reached a climax, which is Kesi on the enterprise information highly valued and hope sustenance. Fangtian not only for the Coase counseling the latest generation of cloud ERP system, but also to enhance the overall level of the mainland information, shoulder the construction of the western information demonstration plant sacred mission.

  Project core members posed for pictures

ERP project start the General Assembly and strategic cooperation meeting signing ceremony, the two sides of the project team members posed for pictures at the scene.

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