Covestro Precision VS Wuhou Small and Medium Basketball Friendship Tournament ended successfully

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The Korves Precision VS Wuhou Small and Medium Basketball Tournament ended successfully

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In order to promote communication between enterprises, enrich the cultural life of employees, and enhance the cohesion between employees. On May 22, Sichuan Covestro Precision Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Wuhou SME Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. held a basketball friendship event at Chongzhou Weifu Basketball Club, and Mr. Deng Xingqiang, the general manager, personally went to the scene to cheer for the players of both sides.

In the match, both

teams played well, and the players on both sides were full of passion and fighting spirit. Not only professional basketball skills are displayed, but also dribbling, dribbling, shooting and other ball skills are vividly displayed

The referees were impartial, and all the athletes truly played the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", and competed in style and level.  After a fierce competition, in the end, Wuhou Zhongxiao withstood the pressure and won this friendly match.

After the match, players from both sides shook hands and saluted. And take a group photo, the competition ended successfully.

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