Warmly celebrate the 17th anniversary of Sichuan Covestro Precision Mould Co., Ltd

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The sun and the moon reincarnate, and the stars shift. Covestro is seventeen years old. The 17th anniversary of Covestro is a celebration for all Coves people.

Dream together together

May 18 is Covestro's birthday. In this festival of Coves, the company prepared commemorative gifts and celebration cakes for everyone to wish Coves a happy 17th birthday!

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Hardship shows courage and perseverance, grinding begins to succeed.

Thank you to the generations of Covestro people who have known each other, watched over and helped each other, and witnessed the growth and development of Coves!

From May 18, 2004 to the present, Covestro has traveled more than 6,000 days and nights. These 17 years have not only been 17 years of hard work and full of hardships, but also 17 years of development and great achievements for Covestro.

Looking back 17 years ago today, Covestro was officially founded. Although she was born quietly, she has her own clear goal - to make unremitting efforts for China's precision manufacturing! Let the company be successfully listed, let employees live and work in peace and contentment, and create wealth for the society! The company has undergone countless transformations, only the number and time, what remains unchanged is the consistent responsibility of Coves people.

At 4:30 p.m., a staff meeting was held in the lobby on the first floor of the company's A4, and all Covestro people stood tall, and the whole venue was solemn, solemn and orderly. The staff meeting kicked off with all the management singing the Covestro corporate song "Realizing the Dream Together".

Coths people

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Deng Xingqiang, the founder of the company, delivered an important speech. Mr. Deng first expressed his gratitude to all Covestro colleagues for their efforts and for working hand in hand with Coves. In his speech, Mr. Deng highly summarized the leapfrog development achieved by Covestro in the past 17 years, counted the progress made by Covestro in the past 17 years, and drew a blueprint for future development. Covestro's strategy and goals have ignited new hopes for Coves and made all Covestro people feel excited.

Chairman and General Manager: Mr. Deng Xingqiang

At the meeting, Ms. Tang Minling, Director of Human Resources Administration Center, released the new version of Covestro's corporate culture, read the company's organizational structure in 2021 and the appointment documents of some managers, and read the documents of the labor union of Chongzhou Economic Development Zone approving the establishment of trade unions by Sichuan Covestro Precision Mould Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Sieco Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Director of Human Resources Administration Center: Ms. Tang Minling

At the end of the conference, the award ceremony with the theme of "Seventeen Brilliant Years, Covestro in My Heart" was held. In order to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the establishment of the company, carry forward and inherit the company's corporate culture, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, express the voice of employees, express the feelings of ownership of Coves people, and show the positive and optimistic and united and forging ahead style of Covestro people, the company launched the "Brilliant 17 years, Covestro in my heart" theme essay activity in early May, received a total of 28 employees to submit manuscripts, they shared the story of their journey with Coves, and recorded the touches and feelings brought by the development and change of Coves , telling about their deep friendship with Coves. At the award ceremony, Mr. Deng presented honorary certificates and prizes to the three outstanding essay authors selected by the jury. The management awarded participation bonuses and green plants to the 25 authors who submitted the papers.

There is no end to the struggle, and the walker never stops.

Opportunities and challenges coexist, difficulties and hopes coexist.

Covestro began at the end of Qingping, but the future can be expected, and it will definitely break the wind and waves and go straight to the sea.

Fighting alone, its strength is limited, united in will, indestructible! Covest people have been prepared for fatigue and mental misery, the journey is not easy, Covests people will hold hands and help Coves move forward!

In this grand event belonging to the people of Coth, let us clasp our hands together, close our eyes, and reverently make a wish: I wish Coth prosperity and a century of glory!

The company went public

Employees live and work in peace

Create social wealth