Unite to ensure production and work overtime - the polishing team successfully completed the delivery of products

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        In late October, the customer's urgent orders increased sharply, not only has high requirements for product appearance and quality, but also the delivery time given by the customer is more than a week earlier than before, which brings a lot of challenges to the polishing work of the BENCH department of the mold production center, the normal capacity working hours of the polishing group are 40 hours / day, and the production capacity working hours given by the recent planning department have exceeded 60 hours / day.

      11 On December 20, all the staff of the polishing team had worked more than 12 hours a day for more than 20 consecutive days, and everyone's body and mind were close to the limit of fatigue. At 10 a.m., I received a notice from the planning department that the 8 products of CC201595 order must be delivered the next morning, which added new pressure to the polishing team work, even if they worked 12 hours that day, they could not complete the delivery of this batch of products.

      At the critical moment, Ni Xueli, the leader of the polishing team, took the initiative to take over the work with the team, gritted her teeth and said "it's a big deal to work overnight", which touched the colleagues on site and reassured the anxious leaders. At 22 o'clock in the evening, after nearly 14 hours of hard work by all members of the polishing team, the polishing of this batch of workpieces was finally completed.

       Such an urgent production task is not only this time, the recent order quality requirements are high, the delivery time is tight, and all members of the polishing team have been working overtime to catch up with the schedule. For more than 20 days, none of the members of the polishing team complained or flinched, and they have been fighting at work. At this time, team leader Ni Xueli has another identity: "expectant mother", the company took into account her special situation, lowered her production indicators, let her work no more than 8 hours a day, but she herself regardless of her pregnancy, the main initiative to participate in overtime ranks, for the company's urgent orders on time delivery provides a strong guarantee.

During the peak of this task, all members of the polishing workshop took responsibility and forged ahead together, showing the spirit of Kess people who are not afraid of difficulties and forging ahead, and it is also a model for each of us to learn and approach!