A briefing on "Cross-departmental Cooperation and Conflict Management", part of the Covestro Precision Management Training Series

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The beautiful scenery is full of green and the summer is getting stronger. This management training is as scheduled. 23 More than 30 leaders, departments and business departments of all departments and companies participated in the training with the theme of "Inter-ministerial cooperation and conflict management". Tang Minling, director of the department and business, served as the main lecturer of the training. At the request of each department, the training class will be located in the beautiful Zhangjia Garden in Guanghua Road.

At 9 a.m., the course of "Inter-departmental Cooperation and Conflict Management" officially opened, lasting six hours. From the aspects of communication barrier analysis, communication funnel, seeking cooperation, persuasion and listening, and constructive handling of conflicts, the course systematically teaches the skills and methods of communication and cooperation and conflict management through theoretical explanation, case analysis, video display, and celebrity experience reference, so that everyone can have a deep understanding and thinking of personality differences, altruistic thinking, and on-site performance in communication and cooperation.

Through the knowledge sharing of communication, cooperation and conflict management in this issue, we actively engage in learning and exchange with each other, fully realize the importance of mutual understanding among colleagues, strengthening our own interpersonal communication and positive conflict management ability training, to improve our comprehensive ability and improve the overall work performance.

At the end of the training, the on-site participants said that in the beautiful mountains and countryside, bathed in bright sunshine, and looked at the blooming flowers, the colleagues completed the study happily and easily, and the knowledge learned was easier to absorb. It was simply not too comfortable.

Through continuous changes, the company abandoned the habits and management methods that are not conducive to the growth of the enterprise, and learned and utilized the management methods and systems that are conducive to promoting development, including our lean transformation development strategy, including our business model of reducing staff and increasing efficiency, and finally formed our true corporate culture.