Covestro "Lean Transformation 2020" Phase 1 work brief

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    According to the company's annual strategic plan, at the beginning of the new year of 2020, the company launched the "Lean Transformation 2020" project.

    Lean manufacturing is the embodiment of knowledge and action, and it is also the process from rigid execution, to solidification application and optimization and improvement. As the key work of the 2020 annual plan, the "Lean Transformation 2020" project will continue to advance and help the company achieve its annual goals.

    Over the past three months, we have been making great progress, and according to the work plan, the "Lean Transformation 2020" project has achieved the results of the first phase of work.


    On February 25, the Empowerment Office was established to set up a lean management team. Liu Xiaochan is the director of the empowerment office, Deng Xingguo, He Shixiang, Pu Yongxian, Wang Renmei, and Tang Minling are members of the empowerment office.

    On March 4, after four meetings, 16 company-level KPIs were formulated.

    On March 7, the "Lean Transformation 2020" project launch ceremony was held, and all employees of the company participated in the meeting, and the meeting also invited three Danaher model practice experts such as Chen Yong, Han Ye, Niu Jialiang, etc participate. At the meeting, Mr. Deng Xingqiang, Managing Director of the company, made an important speech, and Danaher Model   experts shared the importance and significance of lean transformation, and all members and employee representatives of the empowerment office took the oath with and all employees.


     On March 19, the Covestro Lean Production Operations Command Room was carefully designed.



    On March 22 and 23, the heads of various ministries and core business officers conducted a two-day study of Danaher cultural theory, operational tools, and methods.

    On March 24, after repeated discussions and calculations, the first edition of Covestro 2020 X matrix diagram and
action plan is generated.
    On March 30, after the careful guidance of Mr. Danaher, after four adjustments, Coves the X matrix diagram and action plan for 2020.
    On April 2, the members of the empowerment office divided their work, clarified their job responsibilities, performed their respective duties, and each   take responsibility.
    On April 7, the "Covestro Lean Transformation Danaher Project Introduction Launching Ceremony" was held, and the company's director general manager and head of the first-level department attended the meeting and signed the "Covestro Lean Life" on the spot Transformation Commitment.


On April 14, the update of the war room indicators was completed, and all members of the empowerment office agreed on the company-level     The completion of KPIs is analyzed and reviewed, and the unachieved indicators are analyzed with the P S P tool, and   corresponding improvement plans.

    On April 16, members of the Empowerment Office went to Huilifeng Liquor Packaging Company to learn about value stream improvement, At the same time, the first version of the PSP analysis improvement report was submitted on the unreached matters in March.

    On April 20, under the guidance of expert teachers, according to the PSP analysis report of each department, the key improvement items.

    On April 22, the Empowerment Office organized a seminar on the job evaluation of SAG

responsibilities and staffing were discussed and early improvements identified.

    Lean production is a management practice, the essence of which lies not only in knowing, but also in doing! Me

Every Covestro must change their concept, actively participate in lean change, and put "all employees in the workforce


and" turns into "all-hands action".

    Covestro "Lean Transformation 2020" is on the way!

    Come on! Cothsman!