The Management Committee && Remuneration Management Committee &&&Audit Working Group was established Kick-off meeting

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    On May 14, 2020, the "Kick-off Meeting for the Establishment of the Management Committee & Audit Working Group><" was held in the A3 training room convened. The meeting was led by Ms. Tang Minling, Director of the Human Resources Administration Center and managers at the group level and above participated in the meeting.

    First of all, Ms. Tang Minling briefly summarized the company's work since the beginning of 2 0 20 , pointing out the five proposed for the continuous promotion of the company's strategic plan at the beginning of the year key work to better complete the work goals at the beginning of the year, the company decided to set up "two committees & one working group", and read out the establishment of the management committee, the appointment documents of the Remuneration Management Committee and the Audit Working Group. The document clarifies the leaders, members and responsibilities of the "two members & working group", and stipulates the procedures and methods for decision-making in .


   At the meeting, Mr. Quan Qijie, Executive Vice Chairman of the Management Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Audit Working Group, and Ms. Tang Minling, Vice Chairman of the Remuneration Management Committee, made speeches respectively, emphasizing the original intention of establishing "two committees & one working group" and clarifying the direction of their respective work. He expressed confidence and determination to complete the work task, and arranged and deployed the next stage of work.

company, delivered an important speech. Mr. Tang reiterated that the the department's strategic plan for 2020, emphasizing that each ministry should focus on the five work < planned at the beginning of the year span style="font-size: 18.7px;" > focus on the main business, adhere to quality priority, adhere to technological innovation, and strengthen the reform of mechanisms and train cadres to carry out work. Mr. Deng pointed out that the company has changed from "change" at the end of 2019, and will continue to "change" this year, changing work attitude and , focusing on work goals, paying close attention to implementation, and asking for work results.


    Finally, Mr. Deng pointed out that due to the impact of the "new crown" epidemic, the domestic and foreign markets have declined weak, taking advantage of this special period, the company's priority this year is to cultivate "inner work", firmly grasp internal management, do the quality improvement of all employees, he asked the managers present to according to the company's lean transformation 2 0 2 0 project to improve quality and efficiency, expose problems, focus on the < span style="font-size: 18.7px;" > the specific requirements of the company, the company's decision-making layout, and the determined target tasks , strengthen responsibility, have the courage to take responsibility, ensure that every work is implemented, and do effect. the establishment of "two committees & one working group" will become a new milestone for Coves > monument, helping Covestro to a new level!