Coth was sixteen years old

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Today, Coth is sixteen years old!

sixteen years, very short, in the river of history, just a small wave. In this season of beauty and peace, Covestro ushered in its sixteenth birthday.

sixteen years, Covestro has grown from a start-up to an industry stalwart. At this moment, let's say affectionately: Happy birthday, Cothro!

2 0 0 On May 1 8, 4, Korves' dream set sail in Wuhou, Chengdu.

For sixteen years, Coth has cherished his dreams and faced thousands of difficulties, but he has never given up.

sixteen years, Mr. Deng started from scratch, started his business with his bare hands, and experienced hardships.

For sixteen years, the people of Covestro have held hands and worked together to cross the Xiongguan Mando Road and overcome difficulties and obstacles. Successive Covestro people have gathered countless efforts, countless sweats, and 5 8 4 0 days of dedication to create today's rapid development of Coves!

    2 0 2 0 years, Covestro started a new round of change and put forward a new mission - to lead precision manufacturing and promote customers to create a wonderful world! Covest people are once again soaring with new dreams!

    In this challenging and stressful situation, it is urgent for Covestro people to continue to promote lean transformation and management change!

    On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the establishment of Covestro, we will continue to remember our original intention, keep our dreams in mind, be proud of our past achievements and passionate and imaginary about creating a century-old foundation in the future, and actively participate in the wave of company management change and lean transformation.

reminiscing about the past, the glory years, and celebrating the sixteenth birthday of Korsi!

Look at the Ming Dynasty, strive for governance, and create a better tomorrow for Coves!"

Come on, Coths!