Do not forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind, have dreams, and create brilliance together --- Message from Mr. Deng Xingqiang, Managing Director of Covestro

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    16 years, at the snap of a finger.

    16 years ago today, with a heart of love for the precision mold industry, Kevestro quietly rooted in the soil of Wuhou.

    Today, 16 years later, Covestro is brilliant and thriving. I am grateful to a group of hard-working and enterprising people who have followed Covestro through one year after another.

    It is this spirit of perseverance and positive and enterprising spirit that makes us take every step very steadily, and when the environment faces a cold winter, Covestro can still face difficulties and maintain healthy development. Today, how many Covestro people still remember what kind of hard work their predecessors gathered behind this, and how much sweat they spent to weave today's blueprint. This is not something that can be said in just a few words.

how far the mind goes.

On May 18, 2004, Covestro was founded as a small workshop of 100 square meters, where Coves' dream took off. The workshop not only has 2 milling machines, 4 grinding machines, 1 sawing machine, 1 projector, 2 heat treatment furnaces, but also accommodates 7 Coves people who dream of setting sail. In the early days, the scale was small and the resources were few, in order to meet a customer's requirements, we would ride through the streets and alleys, handle the work all night, and fly back to the company in the evening to deliver goods in the morning. Strive to compress every second that can be won in the production process, and strive to ensure every delivery date of customers, we are full of spirit, fighting spirit and vigor. Only if you want to be big can you become bigger, we have introduced the first EDM machine ROBOFORM23, the first high-speed machining center machine S33, the first slow wire cutting machine FI240CC, and the first injection molding machine "FANUC". But the market environment is unpredictable, leaving no time for us to plan ahead. When the global financial crisis broke out in 2008 and the market was depressed, Covestro did not back down or lay off a single employee, but actively explored the market. Under the severe financial crisis, we went against the wind, boldly added new equipment, researched new technologies, and proved that our decisions and actions were correct. The original intention should not only remain in the heart of one person, but in the heart of a group of people.

In 2011, after full participation, several discussions and modifications, finally had the company's mission: to make unremitting efforts for precision manufacturing in China! It also has the company's vision: the successful listing of the company, the colleagues live and work in peace and contentment, and create social wealth. This is the dream of Coves as always.

Today, Koth is like a fiery red sun, facing the brilliant morning sun, emitting thousands of rays of light, illuminating every corner of the city. Today, Covestro is thriving and thriving. We must not only borrow external forces, but also practice internal strength. We have been committed to building Covestro into a high-tech enterprise with an international perspective: an international intelligent manufacturing enterprise integrating technology research and development, production and processing, assembly and testing, service and other value chains.

In 2016, ERP system was introduced; From 2017 to 2019, KPMG and other companies were hired to carry out a series of changes such as organizational optimization and management upgrades; In 2020, the company launched the "Lean Transformation 2020" project to optimize and improve quality, delivery and cost. At the same time, managers are organized to participate in management training, technical training and seminars 4-5 times a year. Adhere to close cooperation with various universities, encourage students to innovate practice, and jointly cultivate mold talents. The tribulations are ours, and the honor is ours. Covestro has successively won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Sichuan Technology Center", "China Precision Injection Mold Key Backbone Enterprise", "Sichuan Province Honest Private Enterprise", "Sichuan Province New Product and New Technology Appraisal Certificate", "2017-2020 Mold Export Key Enterprise" , "Chengdu Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" and other honors; At the same time, Covestro people have also obtained more than 20 utility model patents and 4 invention patents with their unique craftsmanship. Covestro people are never proud or satisfied, constantly reviewing and sublimating their mission: to lead precision manufacturing and help customers create a wonderful world. Covestro people will continue to grow with the honor and sweat of the past.

tomorrow is full of unknowns and changes, but our goal is clear. Continue to publicize the concept of lean production, vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing, increase efficiency and improve production; Adhere to the priority of quality without wavering; Build a contingent of highly efficient, united, and combat-effective cadres. No matter how turbulent the future is, Covestro people will always stick to their original intention and move forward with their original dreams.

the new crown epidemic of the Spring Festival in 2020 is a disaster for Covestro and the world. It not only threatens human life, but also threatens the survival of enterprises. Covestro people were calm, positive and fully prepared to fully resume work in early February. With the intensification of the epidemic situation in Europe and the increasingly severe market situation, all employees made suggestions, closely focused on the five work priorities of this year's strategic plan, vigorously grasped implementation, and achieved initial results. The difficulties and tribulations that Covestro has experienced in the past 16 years tell everyone: as long as we work together and do not change our original intention, we will definitely be able to overcome this disaster.

16 years of sonorous steps, 16 years of hard work, looking forward to the future, we always maintain the passion of struggle: self-practice in work, enlarge the pattern in the burden, exercise skills in practical work, and reflect ingenuity in details. Interpret the original intention with a sense of responsibility, and carry the dream with responsibility.

do not forget the original intention, remember the mission, have dreams, and create brilliance together!

next flower season, Covestro still lives up to you!