Mobile Internet promotes the transformation and development of hardware machinery mold industry

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With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, smart phones, tablet computers and other mobile terminal equipment gradually popularized, relying on 3G, 4G network and powerful cloud services to support mobile marketing, promotion gradually penetrated into each industry, in the traditional industry impact but also brought great opportunities, hardware machinery mold industry is naturally inevitable.

In recent years, although China's hardware machinery mold industry has achieved certain development, but the industry competition has become more and more fierce, a large number of small and medium-sized hardware machinery mold manufacturing enterprises urgently need to expand the scale of enterprises, improve the economic benefits of enterprises, in order to cope with the fierce competition situation. The traditional promotion and marketing model can no longer meet the needs of the development of the hardware machinery mold industry, from the traditional offline marketing model to online marketing, from the PC end to the mobile client, the hardware machinery mold industry closely follows the pace of the mobile Internet, keeps up with the trend of the times, and enters the era of mobile Internet marketing.

Hardware machinery mold

industry developed, hardware machinery mold manufacturing enterprises are numerous, is China's most important equipment products circulation and distribution center, its far-reaching influence, the industrial zone professional market Jinming International Machinery Mold City to meet the market demand, timely launched its own mobile client - Jinji Tong. "Jinji Tong" comprehensive information mobile Internet service platform is mainly based on information sharing, product trade and providing solution services, relying on the strong media advantages of mobile Internet, mainly for hardware machinery mold enterprises to provide industry information, product information promotion, micro-marketing, industrial products online sales and other services. Through this platform, hardware machinery mold manufacturing enterprises can achieve online order delivery, users in the download and installation of the client, not only can query hardware machinery mold industry information anytime, anywhere, and can be on the platform for product screening, at the same time on the platform to complete the order transaction.

In this way, the enterprise and the

customer group successfully achieved seamless docking, thereby opening up new marketing channels for the enterprise to improve product sales, and also help to improve the information management level of the hardware machinery mold industry, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, expand the economic profit of the enterprise, and promote the transformation and development of the enterprise.