Working principle and usage method of CNC press brake

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This CNC press brake mold for bending thin plates. The CNC press brake machine mold includes bracket, table and clamping plate, which is energized by the wire to the coil when used, and the gravitational force is generated on the pressure plate after the power is applied, so as to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base. Due to the use of electromagnetic force clamping, the pressure plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and the workpiece with side walls can be processed, and the operation is also very simple. According to the ordinary hydraulic CNC bending machine mold processing Q235 sheet metal to make a brief introduction:

1. First turn on the power, turn on the switch on the control panel, and then start the oil pump, so that you can hear the turning sound of the oil pump. (The machine does not operate at this time).

2. Stroke adjustment, the use must pay attention to adjusting the stroke, and must be tested before bending. When its upper die descends to the very bottom, it must ensure a clearance with a plate thickness. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the mold machine. The adjustment of the stroke is also electrically quick.

3. To select the bending notch, generally choose a notch 8 times the width of the plate thickness. If you bend 4mm sheets, you need to choose a notch of about 32.

4. The adjustment of backstop material generally has electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment, and the method is the same as the shearing machine.

5. Step on the foot switch to start bending, the CNC bending machine mold is different from the shearing machine, you can release it at any time, stop when you release the foot, and continue to go down in the step. Plastic CNC bending machine mold, plastic folding machine, plastic plate CNC bending machine mold, plastic plate bending plastic plate direct bending, no splicing, no grooving, no need to use welding rod, its corner appearance is beautiful and watertight, it will transform manual welding into fully automatic machine operation, improve quality, improve labor efficiency, reduce labor costs, greatly shorten the production cycle of products. Automatic plastic angle folding machine is electrically integrated automatic mechanical equipment. Developed according to the principle of heating and softening melting welding of plastic plates, it is suitable for the corners of all thermoplastic materials. The speed is fast, the surface of the corner treatment is beautiful, and the strength is high. The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is divided into pendulum type and gate type. Pendulum activated carbon is a circular arc movement, and the arc blade is quite difficult to make, generally after the blade to make pad compensation, so the resulting gap is not accurate, cut out sheet is not very ideal. Because it is an arc movement, its blade can not be made into a rectangle, but should be made into an acute angle, so the force of the blade is not ideal, and the blade damage is also serious. The domestic representatives of pendulum shearing machine are Tianshui Machine Tool Factory and Punching and Shearing Machine Tool Factory. The gate hydraulic guillotine shearing machine overcomes all the above problems. But at present, there are not many domestic manufacturers who can make gate shearing machines. Compared with the shearing machine, the technical content of the CNC bending machine mold is slightly higher. At present, the common domestic G-shaped and F-shaped, F-shaped should be the traditional domestic product, which adopts the built-in adjustable mechanical stop positioning, because it is built-in its anti-bias load ability is quite weak, so there is Huangshi in the early CNC bending machine mold with a balance valve, but also due to hydraulics, too complicated, to the later maintenance and stability to bring very serious problems. The latter is the G type after the improvement of the F-type model, which adopts the mechanical positioning of the external skateboard, which is simpler than the F type, more convenient for debugging, and can be solved by non-professionals plus gaskets even in the case of the difference in angle between the two sides. Now there is also a H-type CNC bending machine mold, its structure is very different from the previous two, it is a lever structure, generally used for large tonnage control bending machine mold, through the principle of lever amplification, the force is amplified. At the same time, it adopts the position control of the combination of electricityliquid, making it particularly cost-effective on the CNC bending machine mold of the same tonnage. But there are not many manufacturers in China that can produce this model, the main features of CNC hydraulic sheet metal CNC bending machine mold bed: WC67K CNC bending machine mold, using steel plate welding structure, vibration aging stress relief, machine tool has good rigidity and stability, the whole frame rigidity, smooth work, safe and reliable, easy to operate, through the CNC bending machine mold CNC system and hydraulic system coordinated control, to achieve the ideal bending effect.

The main part and structure of the machine tool description:

1. Slider part: hydraulic transmission is adopted, and the slider part is composed of slider, oil cylinder and mechanical stop fine-tuning structure. The left and right cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) drives the slider up and down through hydraulic pressure, and the mechanical stop is controlled by the numerical control system to adjust the value.

2. The workbench part: operated by the button box, so that the motor drives the blocking frame to move back and forth, and the distance of movement is controlled by the numerical control system, and its minimum reading is 0.01 mm (there are stroke switch limits in the front and rear positions).

3. Synchronization system: the machine is composed of mechanical synchronization mechanism composed of torsion shaft, swing arm, spherical bearing, etc., with simple structure, stable and reliable performance and high synchronization accuracy. The mechanical stop is regulated by the motor, and the numerical control system controls the value.

4. Blocking mechanism: the blocking material adopts motor transmission, and the two screws are driven to move synchronously through chain operation, and the numerical control system controls the size of the blanking. The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can constitute efficient automatic processing equipment, which opens up broad prospects for high-quality, efficient and low-cost processing and production. The laser engraving machine is a high-tech integrated new laser peripheral processing equipment that combines laser technology and computer technology. Laser engraving machine adopts high-performance laser and numerical control technology, through the self-developed optical system, control system and computer software, in the crystal and glass to achieve three-dimensional dynamic precision laser engraving, to solve the problems of slow engraving speed, unstable system work, laser spot, incomplete function of image and word processing software, use of computer interface control card, uneven laser explosion point, imperfect automatic control device, low cost performance of equipment. The efficiency, accuracy, maintainability, versatility and safety of the system are comprehensively improved. It is inevitable that the crystal glass engravings will become richer in color. Using the optical principle that the inner engraving part of the crystal glass handicraft has a strong reflection and refraction effect on the light, and the blank part has better transparency performance for the light, the micro-control circuit controls several colors of the lamp according to the principle of the three-tone color palette, and mixes the color on the "inner carving" image to change a variety of brilliant colors, so that the original white inner carved image presents a colorful and dazzling effect. Three-point CNC bending machine mold working principle, the corner of the die entrance and the surface of the mold core composed of A, B, C three points, by these three points to determine the workpiece bending angle α, of which point C is the largest force, it is directly related to the correct α angle of the material rebound, as shown in the figure, as long as the size of the mold core "distance" is changed, different bending angles can be obtained, the angle control is to install a dial on the support, and then install the arm on the mold core to drive the pointer to display on the dial, It is characterized by simple and intuitive angle control operation, no special mold can bend different angles of busbars, its bending is mandatory bending, and can improve bending accuracy. The difference between a bending shearing machine and CNC bending machine mold and a traditional CNC bending machine mold is that a movable knife die clamp is installed on the sliding upper beam, and the bending die and scissor knife are installed on the movable knife die clamp at the same time or two kinds of bending dies are installed at the same time, and the bending die and scissors are installed on the movable knife die clamp is called bending shearing machine; On the movable knife die clamp, two kinds of bending dies are called CNC bending machine molds. When the bending and shearing machine is used, it can be transformed into a bending function or a shearing function by controlling and pushing the movable knife die clamp to rotate to the corresponding position; When the CNC bending machine mold is used, push the movable knife die clamp to rotate to the corresponding position, and it can be transformed into a thin plate bending die bending function or a thick plate bending die bending function. The operation of the bending and shearing machine is as convenient as a single CNC bending machine mold or a single shearing machine, but the manufacturing materials are greatly reduced; CNC bending machine mold change is fast and very convenient to use.