Design of control system for large centrifugal casting machines

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Large centrifugal casting machines are mostly used to produce rolls. In centrifugal casting, the speed of the mold (also known as the tube mold) is very important, especially in the production of rolls, secondary pouring (core addition) is required, especially the speed and time and temperature are strictly controlled. In order to meet the casting process requirements of the rolls, we have designed a control system for the large centrifugal casting machine, which controls and dynamically tracks in real time to accurately control the process of the centrifugal casting rolls. In the past, most of the control systems of large centrifuges used open-loop automatic/semi-automatic control and electromagnetic speed regulation systems, with poor working stability and many artificial factors. Through the improvement of hardware and software design, using Siemens AC inverter (6SE70 series) or DC speed regulation system (6RA70 series), sensor input temperature, speed and host vibration measurement signal, programmable controller after real-time calculation, as long as the corresponding working parameters are set on the interface, you can automatically track the set process curve; The entire production process realizes a true closed-loop, automatic tracking control, eliminates the influence of manual intervention and other factors, and improves product quality and production efficiency.