Cylindrical-conical twin gear grinding tooling

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grinding hole after the heat treatment of cylindrical-conical duplex gear is a key process affecting the accuracy of the gear, and the use of tooling as shown in the figure can effectively ensure the accuracy of the gear after grinding. The fixture is positioned on the outer circle A and the end face B, fixed on the transition plate of the machine tool spindle, and the workpiece is positioned as follows: the bevel end is positioned with steel ball 1 with a small amount of grease glued to the pitch circle, pressed on the positioning inner hole and end face of the clamp specific 2, the large end is positioned on the workpiece pitch circle with pitch cylinder 4, and the small taper elastic sleeve 7 is used to position it on the specific cone of the clamp, and the sleeve is pressed to clamp the workpiece pitch circle. The small taper sleeve has high positioning accuracy, good self-locking, and the section cylinder is fixed with cage 5 positioning, which is easy to use. The accuracy of the specific positioning end face, inner hole and cone surface of the clamp is high, and it can be clamped and ground at one time on the machine tool, and the nut 3 plays an anti-loosening role. After the workpiece is processed, a special tool is used to pry the sleeve loose through the side window of the nut, and the workpiece can be removed by removing the section cylinder, which is simple and fast, and can effectively ensure the accuracy of the gear after grinding.