Composite tip for new shaving teeth

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The tip of the shaving

machine tailstock usually has only one 60° cone, as shown in the attached cone 1 part, which is sufficient when shaving disc gears and general shaft gears. However, when shaving the input shaft (i.e. I-shaft) gear of the automobile gearbox, because there is a bearing hole of more than 40mm at the right end of the shaft (the diameter of the inner hole of different products is different), the tailstock tip must be replaced with a large head tip when shaving. And our factory has many varieties of products, and it is very troublesome to replace the top frequently, which affects the accuracy of the shaved gear.

The composite tip has two cones, Cone 1 is used for shaving disc gears (mounted on shaving mandrels) and general shaft gears, and Cone 2 is used for shaving I-shaft gears.

The top material is T10A, heat treatment quenching 60~65HPC. Because the cone 1 part is used frequently and wears quickly, the head is welded with cemented carbide to improve the top wear resistance and service life.

Journals D1 and D2 are mounted in the tailstock bearing bore by means of precision rolling bearings. Cones 1 and 2 are ground in one clamping to ensure that the runout with the centerline of journals D1 and D2 is less than 0.005mm and the surface roughness is less than Ra0.4. The diameter d and length l are determined by the diameter and depth of the I-axis bearing hole, under the premise of ensuring that the head of the left end of the top does not touch the bottom surface of the I-axis hole, l takes the small value and d takes the large value, so that the top has good rigidity.

With this top, there is no need to replace the tailstock tip due to the replacement of shaving parts, after actual use, the effect is very good, welcomed by the operator, has a reference effect on peer manufacturers, and can also be applied to other processing.