Single electrode processing multi-cavity pen barrel injection mold

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The processing method of manual or single-axis CNC spark machine is to form a group of multiple electrodes, generally divided into two groups of electrodes for roughing and finishing, roughing is generally composed of 3_4 electrodes in a group, and the number of finishing electrodes is the same

1. The electrode and workpiece need to be clamped many times, and the accuracy is not easy to guarantee;

2. The use of many electrodes increases the cost of electrode manufacturing, and the consistency requirements for electrodes are high;

3. In order to ensure the shape accuracy of the cavity, it is basically impossible to use translation (Z-axis servo, XOY plane translation), and the finishing time is long;

4. Due to the simultaneous processing of multiple electrodes, the discharge area is large, which limits the final finish.

Using SF's lateral servo and rich translational function, you can use 1 electrode to complete the roughing of all cavities, reserve less margin, and then use 1 finishing electrode for polishing, if the requirements are higher, you can use the third electrode for finishing, so that only 2_3 electrodes can complete the processing of all cavities.

Since the translational plane of SF is selectable, it can be added translation, that is, with Y-axis servo, and XOY plane translation, which will not produce the side flat top phenomenon, ensuring shape accuracy. Key Features:

Neither the electrode nor the workpiece need to be clamped multiple times;

Reduce the number of electrodes and reduce manufacturing costs;

Reduce the secondary alignment error caused by replacing the electrode to ensure that the Harbin width line coincides and the center is in a straight line;

Because it can be added to translate, chip evacuation is improved, so processing efficiency and surface finish are improved;

Finishing is done with an electrode to ensure product consistency;