The market for precision aluminum structural parts is improving and China's Zhongwang four-in-one model has been recognized

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Prospective Industry Research Institute recently released the "China precision aluminum alloy structure manufacturing industry report" believes that precision aluminum alloy structural parts have a great trend of replacing other structural parts, in recent years, under the trend of global aluminum alloy manufacturing capacity to the domestic transfer, China's aluminum alloy precision structural parts production in the proportion of metal precision structural parts has increased significantly, and has become the development center of China's metal industry. Due to the high requirements for technology, China Zhongwang and other powerful aluminum enterprises will take the lead in ushering in good opportunities for development.

Precision aluminum alloy structural parts

manufacturing uses mold filling technology, after the product is formed, supplemented by finishing processing, and finally obtain precision aluminum alloy structural parts, precision aluminum alloy structural parts product accuracy can reach the wire level (0.01 mm).

The popularity of various downstream application scenarios provides a broad market space for the development of aluminum alloy precision structure manufacturing industry. All kinds of equipment in the communication industry have a large dependence on aluminum alloy precision structural parts, the curtain of automobile lightweight has been opened, and various international parts and components enterprises have also begun to layout in China, China's aluminum alloy precision structure manufacturing industry ushered in unprecedented development opportunities.

As the world's leading R&D manufacturer of aluminum processing products, China Zhongwang has been recognized by the market with its "four-in-one" business model, that is, it can completely independently solve the entire production process of industrial aluminum extrusion products, namely "alloy casting", "mold manufacturing", "extrusion equipment" and "product research and development".

Among them, the mold occupies an important position in the production of aluminum extruded products and is one of the keys to product molding. Zhongwang has the largest special industrial aluminum extrusion mold design and manufacturing center in the same industry in Asia, and the mold is completely self-developed, designed and manufactured, and has realized the localization of difficult-to-extrude special-profile molds (such as high-speed train profiles, large industrial radiators and other large-section complex thin-walled thick multi-cavity profiles). High-end industrial aluminum extrusion products have high technical content and need multiple molds to be combined together, Zhongwang's mold making includes both mold design and mold combination.

It is understood that at present, Zhongwang has successfully developed various high value-added deep processing products with huge market potential, such as industrial aluminum pallets, cold high-speed railway carriages, new energy bus bodies, passenger car bodies and parts.

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